Visiting beautiful Monte Terminillo

For today’s road-trip, we are going to explore Monte Terminillo!


Terminillo is a location somewhere in central Italy where it is a popular destination during the winter for skiing. Looking through a couple of pictures through google, it looks like a winter wonderland. There isn’t any snow during the summer but the temperature there is still cool and refreshing regardless. It’s a good getaway from the warm and stuffy Rome summer.

It’s a long drive to reach there, approximately two hours. Regardless, it wasn’t dreary at all for me and instead, I was very excited since I’ve never really been to the mountains before.

As we approached Via Salaria, a road connecting to Terminillo, it was already starting to look quite charming with the farm areas and wooden huts.

A cow at Terminillo

And as we started to enter the mountainous area, I saw a number of cool looking signs. There were also yellow and black poles at the side of the roads, indicating how deep the snow was, during the winter.

Road signs at Terminillo
Road signs at Terminillo
Check out the cow sign, poor thing got shot

But it was when I finally got deeper in and saw that we were rather high above, was when I started to really get excited.


Coupled with the beautiful day that we were having, the view was gorgeous. And for the next half an hour or so, I was just content to look out of the window and admire the picturesque scene before me.


There was even a curious scene of a group of people suntanning on the grass of the mountains.

People sunbathing in Terminillo

I even spotted out a sort of mausoleum. Cart says that this was a typical graveyard area for people in small towns. What was interesting to me was that, because of the stacked formation, it looked quite like a condominium.

Graves in Terminillo

After the long drive we were feeling rather lethargic and peckish. So we stopped by a little town called Albaneto and entered a little tavern called La Tana Del Lupo.

Only 94 inhabitants?

It was an interesting place, this tavern of wolves. The wooden build made it look charming. And apparently, it was a popular place to go according to the signed pictures on the wall. It was even the place for the Italian Harley Davidson group to be at, judging by the number of bikers that I saw having lunch there and through the plaque that I saw as we passed by.

La Tana Del Lupo

And everywhere I saw, there were quite large groups of people around having their meal. And I got to see why later.

I was stunned when our food arrived. The food portions was huge! The appetizers alone was three kinds and I was stuffed even before reaching the main course. When my gnocchi arrived, I nearly fainted.

My lunch at La Tana Del Lupo

Needless to say, I hardly touched my gnocchi and felt bad about the food wastage. Next time, I’ll try to remember to always carry a Tupperware with me.

To walk away the stuffed feeling, we then stopped by a little town called Leonessa.


It’s a really pretty town. Because cars are not able to enter inside the premises. Visitors have to leave their cars outside the walls and explore the area by foot.

The first thing that came to my mind was how charming the area looked like. There were cobblestones footpath and with people going by, looking very relaxed and friendly in their little shops.

A door in Leonessa

I quite like the design of the doors in Leonessa – it looked very historical.

We passed by about 3 different types of churches, each one rather decadent inside. I was a little worried about being rude and taking pictures inside since there were people praying, but do I regret at not taking the picture of the gorgeous ceiling and fresco of some of the churches.


It was a very idyllic area all around. And everywhere I go, there were postcard worthy scenes – like this building with the mountains in the background. I think that people living here are very lucky to wake up to see such a lovely view every morning.



As we left the town of Leonessa, at the corner of the entrance, Cart and I noticed a little stall selling potatoes. We bought a sack anyway and found out later that the potatoes are bright yellow inside. So far, we’ve made a couple of dishes with them and needless to say, they were pretty scrumptious.

Potato kiosk at Leonessa

Finally we went back on our road trip and drove to the highest part that the road could take us. It wasn’t the peak, however. I suppose that visitors would need to take the cable, should they want to go any higher.

An unused cable in Terminillo

We parked our car and went for a short hike. As we were probably the only ones there, it felt peaceful and quiet. Standing there, I could see from miles and miles away.

It was almost sunset, and the mountain was bathed in golden light. From the distance you could see the soft hazy formation of the other mountains nearby. And it was so cool, literally! The temperature here is roughly a fresh 20 degrees Celsius.

Summer Temperature in Terminillo

With the wind caressing my face, I was just marvelling and feeling very blessed that I had the opportunity to see this.

It was such a spectacular day for me seeing all the gorgeous natural beauty. Even the stone formation here fascinated me so.


Cart is amused by my antics and thinks that there are even nicer looking mountains. But for me, I think its such a pretty place anyway.

And check out our curious friend.

Super Squirrel at Terminillo

Why, its super squirrel! Squirrel crasher doesn’t have a thing on him!

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  1. This is really a well done post 🙂 So now it’s true: Yoo do love the mountains. I thought nobody could push you up a mountain (you’re Singaporean after all :P) I was wrong. My fav pic is the long narrow road in Leonessa. It’s really unique. And what the heck is with that squirrel? Or chipmunk? Hahaha.. How did you do that? ^^

  2. Daphne

    I don’t know if its such a common thing to do. Usually we can do it for pizza, but for pasta, I think its rather unheard of. I think I’ll use the “I’m a clueless tourist” excuse and ask if it is possible to do that the next time 🙂

    Anyway Cart and I didnt climb much. Its just about 15 mins walk from the car, we didn’t want to walk too much since the top is pretty much the same as the bottom:-P

    And its not all parts of Italy that’s picturesque. A couple of places are not so nice to see – one of them being where the immigrants are concentrated, the housings are really dilapidated. And yet, it contains treasures for me get some of the stuff I need for cooking 🙂

    Singapore is not so bad, there are a nice places there too! I see a couple of bloggers posting about hidden gems in Singapore.


    Oh yeah! I remember that comment that you said that I cant trek! Eat your words! Hehehe

    Yes, Leonessa is very unique, inside there are charming and historical buildings and I quite enjoyed looking at them. Its too bad that I was too scared to take a picture of the church inside – one of the ceiling was quite fantastic and grand.

    The squirrel? He just came up to the camera while we were waiting for the timer to go off … 😛

  3. Perhaps they like the mountains for suntanning because no one bothers them and they can get sun and stay cool at the same time?

    “Condominium of the Dead”. Sounds like it could be a great horror flick.

    The Air Force base I lived on in Germany as a kid was on top of a mountain but I don’t really remember it. When I moved to El Paso and saw the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains, I was impressed but my friends from Washington and up in that area laughed at me and said it was nothing.

  4. CC

    Haha! I’m not sure how there were holes in the cow sign. According to Cart, one could get a hunter’s license to get a gun. I’m not completely certain that its really a hunter who did that though, he must have had really terrible eyesight.


    Come on over! The super hot summer is almost ending and the temperature is getting better 🙂


    The hut seems out of place wasn’t it? It was abandoned when we passed by it, I reckon that it will be functioning when the snow comes.

    Haha, you like the white rocks too? I’m glad that I’m not the only geography enthusiast!!!


    I think that is a good reason, getting some tan without getting the heat … hahaha! I hope that they slap on some sunscreen anyway, its quite sad to see too many Europeans here having leathery skin.

    And about the mountain, I suppose that the people got so used to it that it became like nothing to them. But its like the phone conversation that I had with my mother this afternoon, she told me of a story of how everyone is always marvelling of how beautiful Hawaii is, but growing up on an island herself, she didn’t really see the hoohaah.

    Still, it’ll be nice to go Hawaii 😛

  5. haha beautiful pics! i just read it. i’ll be the first to admit that i didn’t read till now, because i don’t dare to log in to my google reader anymore cos the unread items are just too many. eeks.

    anyway! how come u guys don’t “bag” leftovers in italy? can’t u request for them to let u takeaway leftovers?

    everywhere u go in italy looks so picturesque. maybe because in singapore it’s only HDB HDB HDB skyscraper skyscraper skyscraper, and the scenery is the same for the entire stretch of 40+km along the PIE from east to west.

    how i wish i could rest my eyes and look at something beautiful like mountains too. 🙂

  6. oh but…! but! i will NOT climb a mountain. haha. @luy33 and her friends went to climb mount kinabalu in may, and they whined all the way up and whined all the way down. hahaha. so it’s definitely not for me. 😛

  7. so cute! I don’t blame you for the mountain thing :).
    And the school was like, cannot cannot, so late, maybe next year. Maybe only, when i asked them of the trip to Rome. What a pity :(. Maybe i shall have to visit Rome later, in my life :(((

  8. Maalikka

    Later is still better than never right? Don’t worry, I’ll still be here waiting … hehehe! 🙂


    No worries, thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the really sweet comments 🙂


    Thanks Lucy … and if you mean the song in the video to be ‘Candy Man’, sorry try again 🙂

  9. Hi rinaz 🙂

    My first trip up the mountains was a holiday in Norway. Most of the rocky land were used for agriculture, so it’s kinda domesticated. Pretty much like Genting where u dont get a good view of the mountain (or a hill ?) when it surrounds u in close proximity.

    I went “wow, wow” when hubby n I went to the Grand Canyon n several others in the USA. They r just breath-taking ! The park is so hu-mon-gous that we hardly met other visitors. It felt like we just landed on the moon – haha. The mornings n nites r quite cold whereas the rest of the day r sooo hot ! Had to lag gallons of water while walking the trails. When we drove back to town for supplies, it felt very restrictive n crowded.

    We came across some interesting notices. It says that visitors should take the opportunity to visit these great parks b4 it crumbles back to dust – oh how apt ! Hope u n Cart get the chance to visit it someday !

  10. Ratty

    Really? where do you live?


    I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to see things like these, there are even mountaneous areas in Malaysia. Have you heard of Berjaya Hills? It looks like a little European town but its in Malaysia!


    Grand Canyon must have been spectacular for you – I’ve only seen it in pictures so far, but even then it looks so breathtaking … I can only imagine how fantastic it will be to see it in real life 🙂

    We would definitely love to see this 🙂

    And no, I dont think it’ll crumble back to dust … at least not for the next million years or so? (crosses fingers) Hehehe

  11. Hi Rinaz,

    Found out about your blog while searching for the Pirate sign which is actually a Live Firing Area sign.

    Many thanks for the information and hopefully I’ll be down to try and makan the western food stall at NIE.

    Selamat Hari Raya Idilfitri ini Rome. You’re missing out the ketupat, lepat, rendang and sambal goreng.

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