Please dont feed the birds

Fumigate the mozzies

Not a fire, but a fumigation to kill mosquitoes. I saw the fumigation going on early this morning as I was on my way to work. The fumes exude a horrible smell if you have the misfortune of being near the smoke.

But the inconvenience is a small price to pay. Boon Lay, which is near the area where I am staying, is currently listed as a hotspot for Dengue. And this is quite alarming to me.

About 13 years ago, I had the dengue fever. I remember being hospitalised for it. My temperature shot up to above 40 degree celcius. Thankfully, I got better afterwards.

But when you think about it, the impact diseases such as dengue, SARS, foot and mouth diseases could have been lowered. People need to exercise more social awareness and personal hygine.

I dont believe that people are so oblivious towards it, its just that many of us are indifferent.

For example people feeding pigeons outside of their homes. These animals are scavengers and know how to find their own food without us. These people think that they are being kind to these animals. But the reality is, the more they feed these animals, the more they will breed. Eventually residents will complain about the bird droppings and the noise. In the end, these animals will be culled.

Having personally seen pigeons being poisoned, drugged, unable to fly away, drop off from their perch and then swept into a basket, their eyes blinking, dying a slow death was one of the saddest things that I’ve seen.

Now that the bird flu is striking again, I’m really concerned. If people wont learn from their past mistakes, it will be very difficult future for all of us.

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  1. I think it’s not only because there’s bird flu then people shouldn’t feed wild bird. Even cats, I am really against people feeding cats. Cats in singapore nowadays dunno how to catch rats! I’ve seen rats scaring away cats.. how ironic. And a family friend of mine who’s about 70+ years old, she stepped onto other people’s cat food and fell, breaking a few bones in the back…eek.

    why do people like to distort nature’s order?

  2. Wow, I never knew you ever got hospitalised. Maybe parents thought it’s better to tell us kids at that time.

    My area here also got alot of mozzies. I’ve been plugging the eletric insect repellent for nearly a year now. Before that, O M G, the torture, lack of sleep and tears at the millions of mozzie bites on my body. =/

    I guess they haven’t started on fuming my area yet. -_-

  3. Why do people like to distort nature’s order?

    I guess it’s because it gives them a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that they’ve done something good for nature.

    I have another guess, and it is that they do it to gain karma. Maybe they’re doing it in hope that for whatever wrong doing they have done in the past, the punishment which will be on them will be reduced in heaven due to that ‘kind act’.

    For the atheists and free thinkers, I don’t know.

  4. Chillycraps

    Yeah! Many cats are so domesticated that they dont even know how to hunt anymore. Its actually quite bad when they depend on people so much for food that they dont know how to rely on themselves anymore. I love cats and other furry animals, but theres the time for restraint and awareness of reverberrations. :

    Nana Jr

    People just do what they think is the best, even though it might not be the best. :


    Hehe .. that was the first (of two) times I was hospitalised. I guess they didnt talk about it because they are confident that I will be fine? Nevertheless in my opinion, it isnt a big issue anyway.

    Wow, a million mozzies?! How on earth are you able to sleep like that? Argh! Just the sound of a mosquito is annoying enough. A whole orchestra of them is horrigible 😐

    But I think they will fume your area soon, if they havent done so already.

  5. Mandom

    I thought you said you you lived near the Indian Temple opposite the school that I was working at. The place in the picture is no where near there πŸ˜›

    Nana Jr

    Maybe march of the valkyrie-mozzies πŸ˜›


    Mmm … Boon Lay peeps has to be more vigilant and be careful not to let the water catchment be affected. I dont think you’re screwed. *hugs*

  6. you mean leave the cats alone? no lah, i dont think nor feel that way. im very sensitive to how the animals feels, whenever they meow for food cos they are obviously hungry and asking for help.

    if i got to feed the dogs too, or help a big fierce dog whose injured, i will do it too even though how scared i am of dogs (phobia). overall im animal lover, maybe you are not? i dont know.

    as for giving food to the poor, yes i do agree. thats exactly what i have been doing every of my payday. i help the palestinians whose in need of help. i donate some amount to the poor ones who begs or disabled ones.

    im not saying im so the very good and noble. i help all those living things and humans who deserved it whenever i can.

    our views are different and i respect that view of yours.. maybe you cant be bothered by the animals but rather help the humans whose in need. as for me, i am really bothered helping the animals and also the humans whose in need.

  7. I agree with Yanni…I feel that Singapore has got this “blaming culture” planted in them cos when something bad happens…they start to blame everybody. They become self-centered altogether. I don’t see anything wrong with ppl feeding cats. Sometimes, they did not clean after themselves…and thats where the problems starts! Like for example, someone fell and broke a few bones….i mean seriously…that person should be looking at where he / she is walking!! I can’t speak for every cat lovers but I personally think that there’s nothing wrong in feeding the cats. If they like feeding cats…why should they leave the cats alone? Anyway, it is not a crime to feed stray cats. If you want to mention about feeding those hungry ppl out there…thats a totally different thing to start with! Yanni, you don’t have to tell her that you have been contributing to whoever…its really none of her concern. Does anyone do it in the first place?? So don’t bother. I am totally bothered by the writer’s self centered comments….but then again…everybody have their own way of thinking. But I really think that she should be sensitive towards sensitive issues like this cos there are plenty of feeders out there who would fight to death for cats in Singapore. So don’t always think that just because she is bothered by this issue makes her the most liberal person in the world…..Sad but NOT! So quit being self-centered , its bad….. just my 2 cents worth, no offence though.

  8. A price U have to pay for living in Boon Lay. At least Mr Ho Kah Leong and his new team are doing their honest job…to keep roaches at bay. Fumigation is just for roaches and rats…not mosquitoes dearie…. I noe…cuz I was in the Town Council …..

    Come to think of it… I had SARS before it was full blown… 40’c at night..OK in the day,…. spent week or so at CDC…a nightmare to remember….after having NS in SAFTI …

    They took alot of blood samples…and 2 years later…then they found out I had SARS…. darn!

    Best Regards,

    Azrin @

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