Dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market

Geri asked me out for dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market last night.

This was the first time that I’ve eaten here. Interestingly, there doesnt seem to be much publicity about this place. The only time when I heard about the Manhatan Fish Market was when fellow blogger, PniiWof wrote about it not too long ago.

The restaurant was nice and cosy. Geri thought that the place felt more upmarket. I thought that the reason could be because we were at Plaza Singapura where there were more well heeled people around. I spent quite a while thinking of what to order. There was a good range of varieties there.

Sizzling Louisiana Prawns

For our appetizer, we had the Sizzling Louisiana Prawns. I really liked the cream sauce. It was a nice mix of savoury and tang which made it perfect for dipping with the baguette bread that accompanied it.

For our main course, we shared a Manhattan Seafood Platter for two. The way that it was served was quite interesting. I was quite surprised to see the person who served us arrived with a flame blower and proceeded to torch our food.

Flame Blowing our Manhattan Seafood Platter

I suppose that this process was supposed to make it tastier than regular oven bake?

Manhattan Seafood Platter

Nevertheless, I liked the colourful array of our generous platter of Shrimp, Calamari, Mussels and Fish served on a bed of garlic rice and fries.

The garlic rice was delicious. I do love the savouriness of the calamari with the lovely herbs in it. I wish that it was juicier and tender though. Chewing on it was a little tough.

As for the rest, I’m quite neutral for the shrimp, the fish and the mussels. Though it tasted pretty good, it wasn’t anything to cheer about.

Nevertheless, I think its a nice place for seafood. A nice and cosy ambience and competitive prices. Geri and I spent about $25 each for our food and drinks. Quite worth the price.

The Osim Upapa - Ps. Geri is so skinny. I am jealous.

As a sidenote, after dinner, Geri and I chanced upon the Osim Upapa. Immediately we went to give it a try! Geri wanted to try out her new Nokia n73 and filmed this :

Ok. The real reason why I’m putting up that clip is because I’m very very very narcissistic and I like to look at myself 😛

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  1. I’ve only been to Manhattan’s once. Didn’t like it very much. Fish & Co is still my choice. I think it was the oysters that spoiled my meal. But I also had the same thing as you did – the seafood platter.

    And I was as fascinated by the blow torch as you were. Haha! Really cool! I thought they only did that for creme brule or something.

  2. i love mfm! too bad they have only 1 outlet in sg.
    my fav would be the platter for 2, the rice…..buttery goodness. (ok stop drooling!)

    i ate at their parent branch once in kl, i have to say, it taste better there. different secret recipe perhaps? he he he.

  3. Videographer for Marina’s Narcissism

    Oh I’m sorry. *Rewinds tape* Its the N73 ME! Music Edition!


    Its not bad actually 🙂


    If you ever go to the Manhattan Fish Market, try the louisiana prawns. They are quite tasty. The seafood platter, I’m quite neutral about it. But its not bad the place. Not wow-great. But ok-good :]


    Thats what I think too, I think its good, but not great. But I would go there again and I would recommend it because its value for money. My dad’s grill fish is the best … hehehehe 😉


    Oh? There’s a branch in KL? Gosh I didnt know that. Which part? 🙂 I like fish and co raisin rice, is nice 🙂 Yum!


    Oh my! Coolness, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂 Who doesnt like discounts? Hehehehe


    Yeah! I was really surprised to see the blow torch! When the server came out with the blow torch, I went, huh? What are you doing? This probably shows how much of a mountain tortise I am 😛

    We were supposed to have oysters (which you didnt liked) but since they run out on that day, they replaced it with mussels (which I’m not so fond of, but can still eat) Hehehe


    Dont go too late though, cause when Geri and I reached there at about 9pm, we had to rush through the dinner as they were about to close … hahaha 😛


    As far as I know, there are two branches in Singapore, one at Central Clark Quay and the other one is at Plaza Singapura. I thought the rice was garlic rice? Thats what it said on the menu. Hmm .. *rubs chin*

    I’m not familliar with the branch in KL? Which building is it? Maybe one day when the Vesporeans ride up to KL we could go there to eat hehehehe!!!

    The prawns are alright 🙂 I like the calamari alot, but if it were juicier and more tender it would be even better!


  4. ive been to one at sogo, kl. i suppose in sg one isnt halal. nt too sure..bt i didnt c any halal cert though..

    btw, we tried the lobster n it was fantabulous! ure making me drooooooling for more! nxt stop, jusco -JB for manhattan fish market!!

  5. Hi do visit us soon at Plaza Sing (just renovated w a new look) or The Central in Singapore. We look forward to serve you all again!
    Tham, Ops Manager MFM Spore & JB sector.

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