Webcam fun!

Yay! Playing with my new Logitech QuickCam Fusion Webcam and a trip down to Bugis. Click here to view at youtube

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  1. Uzyn

    Hiya! Thanks for dropping in 🙂 I dont think it was dangerous as my bro was riding in front and I was filming from the back. He wasnt going fast, so it was alright.

    Stellar Epin

    Isnt it? Haha! Was totally geeked out when I had it. I was inspired by Bowiechick from youtube who’s using a similar type of webcam. I dont think there are any other webcam in the market that does the same thing.


    Hiya! Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 I dont think that there are other webcams that does face tracking available in the market at the moment. I was checking out the other types of webcams in Sim Lim Square and I didnt see anything remotely close. So I doubt that the software works with other webcams.

    It needs a recognition device to track the face to create the avatars and face accessories

  2. I think you look cute the 1st half. I like what you did for the later half. So who’s the more streetsmart one? You or him? I’m a goner. Bah!

    And strangely, he’s starting to look more like my dad, which isn’t a bad thing, imho.

  3. Krysss

    Aww, just a silly vid 🙂 My halo is a little rusty, needs polishing, dont you think?

    Gypsy Girl

    Hehehe … Yeah, that same response when I watched the original clip on youtube. I want it I want it I want it 😛 Over here its about 140 Sing dollars, I’m not sure what the price is for you there.


    My bro looks like your dad? 😐

    Well for the moment, he asks me where to go, and how to get there. Most of the times I need to refer to a map … I cant read maps! But I think slowly does it.

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