O level results.

pic of students before the announcements

It was the day of the O level results. Graduated students returned back to their schools to see how they fared. One could see it in their faces on how they fared.

Some were estatic. This girl here made it to the polytechnics.


Some shed tears of joy. This young man seemed shocked that he was able to qualify for polytechnic too. I think he wasnt confident on the O level examinations.

tears of joy

Some were visibly upset. This girl didnt do so badly, but I think she’s being hard on herself as she didnt attained the marks she set for herself.


The A level results should be coming up soonafter. I wonder how that’ll turn out.


I think I’ll just push it at the back of my head :/

Updated : For those googling about the November 2007 O level results, it will be on this thursday, 24th January 2008.

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  1. I remember shedding tears of joys too, when I scored better than I had expected, but the O’level’s taught me that getting good results comes with a price, hard work.

  2. Nana

    Good luck to you too 🙂

    Lakeside Girl

    Yeah, it does seem trivial now that we have more important things in front of us, doesnt it? But we need to cherish each achievement that we do 🙂


    Good on you! 🙂 Actually I never really studied for my O levels. I just did homework and listened to teacher and thats about it. Unfortunately A levels wasnt as easy for me.

    Nana Junior

    Huh? You dont know where I am working?


    Straight B student 🙂 *proud* save for maths, cause I’m horrigible at maths. A levels on the other hand :

  3. I don’t think I’d ever cry tears of joy – even if I won a Miss Pioneer or Pioneer Idol competition.

    Seems so weird.

    Anyway, feel bad for that girl who cried because she didn’t attain the scores she wanted so desperately …

    What school is that anyway?

    Ugly uniform. >;l

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