Of diaries, journals and blogs

I’ve been looking at my old gallery in deviantart and reading up my old journals.

Its interesting how different my writing style from the year 2003. I think I sounded more energetic, vibrant and kiddy young then.

Of course, people develop throughout the years – they evolve in their thoughts, their preferences and feelings. The thoughts of Marina at 12 years old would be very different compared to the thoughts of Marina now. People change. And as the quote from John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids

“The essential quality of life is living; the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution: and we are part of it.”

But sometimes its good to revisit the past and remember the old memories, the fears and the good feelings. Even if our current technology is not superior enough to record memories as in Star Trek or Minority Report, the mind is still one of the impactful part of a human anatomy. The mind can transport us to where ever we want, and whenever we want.

One of my fears is to forget my past and my background.

If we forget about the past promises that we’ve made to myself and to forget about the memories that we’ve experienced, will mean that we will forget about us and the entire essense of what makes us who we are.

I think, in a way, I am lucky that I’ve started writing in a diary since young. Somehow in a way, it keeps me grounded and my nostalgia alive as I rekindle old thoughts and memories.

1998, In school and wondering if I would do well enough to enter university

1995, writing about my experience during my weekend waitressing job

1990, I had chicken pox! Look at the spots on my ‘toon hehehe

I wonder if I should combine all my journals and diaries from the past to this blog. Hmmm …

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