No tea at the high tea

Remember this?

Juli and I were supposed to have lunch together at the Cafe Vienna but changed our minds when we saw the amount of people who were already queuing there at 1.30 pm. Just look at the amount of people!

From the entrance :

To the outside :

The line only ended here by the music centre in the building next to it.

We decided to have lunch at Far East Plaza instead and then spent the day shopping.

I found out that Juli had a lot of stamina. After about 3 hours, she was still energetic and trying out dresses while my knees were already screaming out in pain.

Perhaps the reason for it is that she was more enthusiastic than I was. Most of the times, clothes shopping isn’t really fun for me. As much as I love and admire beautiful clothes, there isn’t a lot of stores here which are right for me.

I don’t think I am so large. Am I?

We spotted a clothes shop. It had the loveliest pink dress and we both gushed over it. It was a princess cut dress with pearl buttons. It looked rather royale.

I had to try it on.

Me : What size is this?

Salesgirl : Its free size! Want to try?

Me : Yes

Excitedly I went in the changing room. But when I tried it on, I found out that it was such a chore. I could slip the skirt part easily, but when it came to the top part, I had to take a deep breath, do a few yoga techniques, and worm my way into it.

Finally I managed to wear the dress. Juli wanted to see.

Juli : It looks very interesting

Salesgirl : That looks very nice on you!

Me : I-cant-breathe.

Disappointed, I wormed my way out of the dress and walked around the other shops on the floor.

By the time I explore the entire floor, Juli was still at the same shop, trying out other clothes. She looked great in this 70’s looking dress.

Something like the purple dress, with a boat neck.

Since I have already seen all the shops on the floor, I went down and explored. And when I was done, I went down another floor, and another and another…

I must have walked through the entire Far East Plaza Building and finally found myself at the basement when I texted Juli to ask her where she was.

It turns out that she was still at the same level!

But I did manage to stumble upon this lovely dress while walking and was admiring it and went in to try it on.

It was so nice. Finally a dress that fitted! Almost. Its was slightly tight at the chest, but I could reposition the buttons and sew it back.

So I got it and now I have a nice dress! 🙂

I do like shopping at Far East Plaza. There are nice clothes here at affordable prices. My dress cost me about $50 dollars. Dresses are usually priced at $80 and above at other shopping centres.

At length, we were both done and decided to walk around the city area. It was lovely to see the city at night, with all the lights and the decorations. I saw streets of trees wrapped up in red and white cloth and fairy lights around them.

That’s when I saw three girls walking around in a bridal dress with a long train. Isn’t it going to get dirty with all the traces of dirt from other people?

They were promoting this Nina Ricci perfume.

The three snow whites and the not so white.

I think the perfume was shaped to symbolise a fairy tale? But why were they in bridal gowns and not in snow white costumes then? Or maybe have wings behind them to represent faeries.

I’m confused about this advertisement campaign.

And look what we found while walking. A true Salvator Dali sculpture! I enjoy Surrealist Art and Dali is one the great fathers of them all.

This is called Space Venus. And in typical Dali style, there is a liquidated clock (on her neck) Spiders (on her hips) and there’s a big egg (above her groin) supposed to symbolise fertility.

There are other Dali sculptures in the city area. I would have liked to see them all. Hopefully I’d be able to see them the next time I go there again. 🙂

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  1. ugly S’poreans jamming d Q!!! lol. anyway, I think its gd dat u guys didnt hv ur lunch there. Jules wud probably get in2 a fight wif sum ugly S’poreans…hehehe! remember her plate…?

  2. Oh … I remember her plate … 😛 Hehehe 🙂 We had lunch at sakura instead. In fact, I’m sure that alot of the people who didnt go to cafe vienna went to sakura, like us too.

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