I look miserable, but my skin looks good .. hehehe

Me : My eyes hurt.

Mum : Ah, a bump! You must have been peeking at someone in the bathroom.

Me : What? No! What a scandalous accusation!

Mum : Then you must have been peeking at someone making out.

Sigh. I wish *I* was making out.

During the weekend I noticed that there was a little bump on my eyelids and by my vision was starting to get blurred. On tuesday though it wasnt painful, it was quite uncomfortable trying to blink.

The doctor said that it was acne and that it was not an uncommon trait and he gave me some eyedrops and a eyegel with tetracycline in it. I should use a warm compress to ‘ripen’ it and when its big enough, he’ll use a knife to cut it away.


You know what?

I think I should just wear an eyepatch and become a pirate.


10 Replies to “I-sore”

  1. wakakaka.. your mom sounds cute n funny. πŸ™‚

    gosh, cut it away with a knife? that sounds scary. hope it goes away soon! πŸ™‚ and yeah, ur skin looks great! *jealous* my scars are taking forever to go away, hmmphh.

    – myztika

  2. I thought I heard a noise outside the bathroom door, and that was a er …uhm.. scream, not a high pitched girly note, that COULD have been mistaken for singing old 80’s pop songs in front of the mirror, ok?

  3. Ee yer, why must use a knife to such a soft area? I say just use warm compress and biler dah masak sgt, squeeze it yourself.

    Save money from opportunistic doctors.

  4. Nana : Why, I never! *outraged* *pokes you with an Ikan Bilis*

    Myztika : My mum is full of funny quips and wisdom. Thats why I turned out eccentric πŸ˜›

    Do you take collagen by the way? Do you think that’ll work for scarring? Or the only solution is an acid peel or dermabrasion. Anyway, your skin cant be so bad.

    gypsy girl : The doctor said it isnt a stye. I see yellow liquid in it already today. Gaaah!

    Krysss : Funny thing was, I was listening to Leo Sawyer, you make me feel like dancing when I got your message … hehehehe

    Slither : I hate acne. Acne sucks. Why do people have acne?

    Thumbelina : Tak ada ke tempat lain si serangga tu nak lepaskan hajat? Sebanyak-banyak tandas di dunia ini …

    *beli ubat serangga cap harun bin ali*

    Miza : I’m afraid of scarring. What if I poke and there will be a horrible hole on my eyelids …

    Anyway, the doctor I saw was the polyclinic one πŸ™‚ It was rather cheap, just $10 for my ointment and eyedrops and two days off πŸ™‚

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