Asknlearn staff meetup

I had a company meeting yesterday. Since the location was further on to the Eastern part of Singapore, I travelled for the first time on my scooter to the ECP expressway.

On the highway, I passed by the heart of the city and saw the tall skyscrapers of the CBD area. And as I passed by the Nicoll highway, I was enthralled by the enchanting sight of the tall buildings by the river leading to the sea.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Which makes it quite amazing that just about two years ago, this same place, made the entire nation in a moment of trepidation as they listen to the news of the Nicoll Highway collapse incident.

It was a long ride to the boss’s house. With no form of entertainment for me except for to look at the crazy motorists on the road zig-zagging without prior signalling and to curse and shout at the taxis suddenly cutting in my way.

At length, I reached the Boss’s place and met and mingled the other educators and staff there. There was Dzul and Deanna, both of whom I met while during our orientation days last year.

My previous supervisor, Mei Yun, me and Deanna

It was the typical motivational speech, company vision, new things that will come for the future and what nots. Some people might be cynical about these motivational speeches. Granted that I include one of them sometimes, but at the same time though, I felt quite blessed that I was with Asknlearn after all that I’ve been through with the previous companies that I have worked with.

Our game team posing next to the ‘spiderweb’ that we broke

Working life understandably does have its problem but at least I can ask them for help whenever I feel that I couldnt cope with something. The best environment is where everyone feels they belong and look out for each other.

I was supposed to meet up with my friends Vai and Juli in Orchard. After getting lost around the roads for a few minutes and screaming, “Where am I? Where am I?” I finally managed to stumble into the city area and then got myself stuck behind a procession of taxis and cars then magically finding myself entering a carpark behind a shopping center complex.

I can feel the eyes of other motorcyclists as they see me park my scooter. I was the only female rider there in the already full parking area.

I swooshed out my hair like a shampoo commercial and sashayed out of the parking lot.

Anyway, I met up with Vai first and updated each other on what’s new in our lives.

Me : How did the birthday event go?

Vai : It was great! Thank you for helping out in the powerpoint slides. It was spectacular. Her entire family loved it.

Me : Not a problem 🙂

Some while after, Juli turned up and the playful catfight began.

Vai : Ah, someone went shopping I see. No wonder you are late.

Juli : Excuse me! This is for school. We are having a dinner function at a community center!

Vai : Community center? That’s such a cheap place. I had mine at a hotel!

Juli : What hotel? Hotel 81 is it? (Hotel 81 is a budget hotel)

We went to lido to watch this movie called pretty persuasion which I throughly enjoyed. It was a satirical dark comedy with spectacular dialogues and perfect characters which a rather shocking ending.

The night ended much too quickly though with Juli needing to leave to get ready for her marathon the next day.

Juli : And you, Vai, I’ll see you there at 6.30 am

Vai : But I’m sick! Who knows if tomorrow I would die!

Juli : I don’t care! If you can still stand up and walk right now, you can still run for tomorrow.

Vai : Why doesn’t Marina go for it?

Juli : That’s because she never signed up for it not like SOME people who sign up for things but never turns up at the last minute.

Vai : You women are always ganging up on me.

I have the funniest friends.

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  1. pretty persuasion is good huh? im pretty tempted to watch it too. XD XD

    btw, i realised that u tried the meebo thingy on my blog. sorry i didnt reply! i fell asleep with the comp running the whole night, so it appeared that i was online hehehe. O_o

    anyway, hope to chat with ya soon!

  2. Myztika : You wont regret it, I think. It was that good. I liked the witty dialogue and the chemistry among the actors – flawless!

    Hehe, I sleep with the compy running sometimes too, but then again I try to avoid it when I can. High electricity bills are no fun :S

    And hope to chat with you too! 🙂

    Raimie : I think you’d like it too. They spoke quite fast though, so one really have to listen to the dialogue to understand what was going on. You’ll be amazed at how the story unfolds itself 🙂

    I think thats the best show thats currenly running right now, compared to most of the other fluff the three of us saw at lido on saturday :

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