Community clicks in Boon Lay

I was viewing the photoclicks competition page and saw the finalists from the Boon Lay CC category.

I must say that I’m very impressed by the way that the photographers captured their images – it was unique, something that I would not have thought of myself.

I was there, on Sunday to participate, just for the fun of it. I signed up for it months ago as I was a photovideoi member. Besides, Boon Lay was rather near where I lived.

The editor for magazine, John Cosgrove was there, to conduct a quick workshop. It was the same person who conducted the macro workshop that I attended in February.

He ended the workshop and started the competition. The theme was, “Life in the HDB block”. The 100 participants and I went off to shoot pictures in the heartlands.

It was a rather warm day and soon I was perspiring and fidgeting and began pawing at things.

I took shots of the housing blocks from different angles. I climbed up the flight of stairs to see view from the top. I sat on the ground to see view from the bottom.

After a few hours, I couldnt concentrate in the heat and decided to just walk casually around the neighbourhood. I stumbled upon a rather pretty farm and stood there admiring. Its rural-ish charms reminded me much of my old house before our relocation.

I saw a farmer watering the vegetables and I shouted out to him

me : Nice vegetables uncle!

farmer : Haha! Yes! But its not mine. This is shared with other residents here

me : What beautiful plants

An auntie comes near us pushing her groceries

me : Isnt this such a lovely farm?

auntie : Yes. Too bad we will be leaving next year

me : What? Why?

auntie : We are being relocated. These houses here are over 40 years.

me : Really? Doesnt look it though.

auntie : I hope that our new place will have good amenities.

I walked around and saw other photographers taking their pictures. I smiled and said hellos and observed them deep in concentration. I saw a rather familliar face.

Me : Hey, havent I seen you before? You were at the macro workshop

He : I dont remember. I go to too many shoots. Do you always go photographing solo?

Me : Yeah, I dont have much friends who like photography.

He : Maybe you can join my friends and I on our shoots.

Me : Sounds great 🙂

In time it was time to return to the community center to submit our shots. There were a multitude of people there queing up already.

The results were announced soonafter. I saw and admired the lovely pictures by the top 10 finalists. Mr Familliar was one of them – He was very talented.

This is my submission, it wasnt in the top 10 but I’m still pleased with it.

Hopefully there will be another one next year. It was a lot of fun! (apart from the heat) Will you join me if there will be one the next time?

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  1. Red : Awesome, sure 🙂

    Raimie : Macro shots? Those lenses are quite limited tho. Say, do you have any polarizer filter with you?

    Sha : Thanks 🙂 Hehehe

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