Gimme GT200!

That should have been my face in there!

The urban newspaper featured the Vespa today and I find myself drooling over the different models that was featured there. Most of the riders interviewed owned the Gran Turismo 200 (or GT200 for short)- the bike that I’ve been dreaming to own for ages.

It was love at first sight. The seductive shape of the body, the stylish grandeur, the enchanting shade of green. And it even has the powerful drive of 200cc and has minimal fuel consumption.

I had the luck to chance, the other day to notice this beautiful scooter being parked at the sidepath while walking home. I stared and gazed at it admiringly. I must have taken quite a while, because the owner returned and asked me what I was doing. We had a short chat.

Me : I was just admiring your scooter. This is my dream bike!

Man : Yes, this is a good bike, it doesnt have any gears so accelerating is very smooth!

Me : Do you think that it might be too big for a person like me? I’m worried that I might not be strong enough to handle it.

Man : If you’re nervous about that, you can go for the LX150, its lighter, and its cheaper too.

Me : Thanks for the tip. Have a good day 🙂

Man : Bye! (zooms off into the bustling traffic)

And here I am, still scooter-less after passing my riding test in October. I really really really would like a GT200. I’d be on cloud nine if I get it. It will be a dream! But at the moment, I can only gaze and drool at other people’s Vespas, wishing and moaning for one of my own.

Do you like Vespas? Do you think I’d eventually get one? And would you donate to Marina’s get-a-scooter foundation? Please? Pretty please?

4 Replies to “Gimme GT200!”

  1. Sounds familiar! 🙂

    Actually, in my youth, I had an old Vespa P-200E model… which was my first love and STILL favourite “bike”.

    Vespa’s are great… Yeah, get one! I’d help if I could! 🙂

  2. Ooh the P-200E is a classic, I do see loads of people riding that 🙂 They are nice.

    Yes, I’d like a vespa, my gt200 but it’ll be a while for me to have enough money for that 😐

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