I passed my riding test!

Awesome! After a couple of previous attempts, I’m now a qualified rider on the road! My goodness that took ages to complete. I started in May 2004 and only completed it now. Some people only took a few months to do it but I guess the important thing is, that I’ve eventually finally done what I’ve always wanted to do. So now I can put a tick next to my “to do list”

Initially, I was a little apprehensive. Judging by the dark clouds above me, it looked as if, it was going to rain. I dont feel confident when it rains – roads are more slippery and harder to manage.

I arrived the Bukit Batok driving center at about 7.50am, put on my number tag, 21 and was given a quick practise before the actual test. And just as expected, it was drizzing. I sort of fell off the plank and feeling a little peeved with myself.

Later on, me and 89 other testees sat in the room for our briefing and I quickly scanned the road map for a visualisation of the road that I’ll be going through later. I breathed in deeply, concentrated and then started my test.

The tester waved his hand, signalling that test was begining. I checked for oncoming traffic and did my blind spot and proceeded to the lane change. So far so good, I thought to myself. Let me just turn over at this junction and then go up the slope.

Hey not bad! Easy does it. Dont be gabra (panic) Be cool! Look for oncoming traffic and then go. Not enough space at the road? Just stay behind the traffic light. No problem. No gabra.

I observed the other people at the figure 8 and noticed that alot of the people in front of me didnt check their blind spot. I’ll try not to do the same mistake. And then I proceeded.

I felt so lucky that the bike that I was riding didnt give me any problems. A good bike would either make you or break you. Good bike! Good bike!

Then I proceeded to the plank. Easy does it Marina. Count. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Good … Now you dont need to stay on the plank any longer, thats fine. Carry on to the emergency break.

Speed up Marina. But not too fast. Now decrease throttle! Then clutch in! Good! You’re doing fine. Continue to the road.

Speed up! Speed up! You’re on public road now. Observe your surroundings. You can do it! Its a lovely day to ride. No problem at all. Car in front of you? Signal quickly and try to move away as possible. Wonderful.

I talked to myself and tried to motivate myself as much as I can. And at length, I completed the test and waited for the results.

It was such agony. The waiting. I was complaining to the guy sitting beside me. Just give me the results already! Fail fail lah! Aaargh!

Everyone around me are feeling the same, I was sure. They had the same sheepish/in agony/pained face as I had.

Eventually the testers arrived. And they called out the names of the people who failed. I watched as how disappointed they looked. There was even a guy who crushed his result paper in anger.

“I’m going to call out some numbers”, my tester announced. “19! 20! 21!”

Haaah? Fail again? 🙁

“19. 20. 21. You all pass”

Haaah? I pass? Bluff lah. I dont believe.

“You passed lah! Unless you want to come again next time” Said the guy beside me.

I passed? Really? Wow! Really? Unreal! Wow! Oh wow!

And I looked at the slip of paper in my hands. 8 points. Unreal! From 34 to 26 to 8 points. So amazing.

Woopee! I can ride on the road now. Unreal! Zoom! Vespa GT200 here I come!


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  1. Congrats!!! Told ya gonna pass the next time round!
    8 pts…not bad..
    Vespa huh?? Welcome to the world of scooting then! Maybe we can ride together for late night suppers…show u around…u know!

  2. Congratulations!!

    So can you pick me up at 11AM, so I..er.. I mean WE can go downtown shopping. I am now your new best friend because you have got wheels. Don’t take any notice of all those OTHER new people that will suddenly be your friend, as I got there first.

    Oh and you can take me home again too, and then pick me up whenever I call, every time, because we are bestest buddies right?

  3. You are awesome Marina! hehe Great job! Congratulations I never had a doubt that you would get it.
    Have Fun and Be careful as you ride!

  4. hey my sweet marina..congrats..yeah..you pass..hehe..nice timing..hari raya and you pass you test..hehe..anyway boleh lah i tumpang eh..hehe..well raya come my house ok..i miss ya!

  5. Aww thanks everyone, I’m still feeling high from yesterday’s announcement. I’m really happy 🙂 After MONTHS of strugging in the driving school, I finally did it! Car license next! lol

    Red : Yay! That would be great! I wanna! Would you and Juli come along to have a look see at different Motorcycle shops? I’d like to see the Vespa display 🙂

    Me : Thanks! So exciting 🙂

    Krysss : Not a problem, as long as you help buy me my bike 😉

    Anon : Yes, I’ll do that. Actually at the end of the announcement, before we went off to get our licenses, they showed us a video about the dangers of not doing a proper checking (stuff we learnt in the centre) and the stigmas that can happen to you. Hmm… I dont want to get into that type of situations. I’ll be careful. Its a big responsibility.

    Zila : Yeeeyyy kita pergi raya naik moto pakai baju raya! Minah motor! Fullamak!

    Thumbelina : Mari mari cik adik…!! 😉

  6. my alter ego : Thanks! Well, it took me over a year, I think you can do better than me 🙂 *waves pompoms* You can do it!

    Pnii : Thanks! 🙂 So happy! But now I’m itching for a bike 😉

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