The mind jog

It was a nice and breezy day, not too warm and was just perfect for a sports match. The school that I worked at, had their sports day today.

We had it at the Clementi stadium and there were heaps of people cheering wildly for their favourite athletes that it wasnt hard to get in the mood either.

Initially it rained in the morning and I was worried that I could ruin my precious Canon EOS350 camera from the condensation. Fortunately for us, the rain didnt last too long and soonafter we resumed the event.

Here’s a few of the pictures from the event:

We want this!

Haha, look at Alan’s face!

Yeah! No one can defeat me!

In deep concentration

The antagonising feeling during the race

Just a bit more, abit more …

I’m the winner!

In night class, during my mathematics lesson, the lecturer started on Permutations and combinations and I was just sitting there thinking to myself, being amazed.

It was almost 10 years since I left school and almost for the same amount of time, last used a calculator. I turned to my partner.

Me : Err Hanna, how did you get that answer?

Hanna : I pressed this on my calculator. Dont you have that function? (peer over)

Me : I dont see it! Sir! Can you explain how you came about that formula?

Teacher : Formula? You dont have to remember the formula (comes over my table)

Teacher : Its right here, see.

Me : Oh. (Feels sheepish)

But it wasnt so bad, the lessons having since already taken C maths (Which was supposed to be harder than AO maths) previously, the lessons wasnt so hard. But I do need lots of brushing up and practise.

A friend walked with me on the way back to the bus stop and asked me, how I found the lessons so far. She told me that it was different for us working people, having to juggle between our jobs and night class. She also said that as older people, it was harder to grasp new concepts.

I disagree that older people find it more difficult to learn. My idol, Tony Buzan is about 64 years old but he can comprehend things in a flash!

What I do agree however is that working people dont have much time to dedicate to their studies, with work taking up a large chunk of their waking time. It also affects the physical capabilities of a person, making them tired and this in turn affects them mentally.

I believe that a person doesnt go more mentally challenged as they grow older. I think that with mental stimulation, a person can still remain as sharp no matter what their age will be.

Its very much like gym.

We exercise, our physical self will be healthy. No exercise, unhealthy.

(pats her wobbly bits)

Anyway, mum is taking us out to go to Terengganu in Malaysia for a family vacation. Oh boy! I need one. I’m so stressed out. Ah the sandy beaches, maybe some water sports?


Will be back on Sunday. (Maybe by then Zuji will give me back my money and I can finally book my plane ticket with KLM)

And Happy Easter everyone! Save a chocolate bunny for me 😉

3 Replies to “The mind jog”

  1. ah…permutations! I was never a math person. I remembered my ol math prof. He was an Indian National and his accent was so thick that I always thought I sprained my brain trying to make sense of his lectures but damn, he was a brilliant man!

  2. Allo allo hanna! 😀 Nice to have you here! What did you guys do in econs class? Was it that boring? 0.o

    Hi red! 😀 That reminds me of the chinese lecturer we had back in Jurong Institute where Juli, Hema and I were classmates. He’s a smart man, Mr Cheong but his accent was so funny. Our classmates joked that he had A in everything – A in maths, A in Chemistry, A in Physics, F for English.

    Kind of mean of us but it seemed that way – the way he talked was very funny

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