Poor Rinaz

I am now officially poor.

Now that I’ve made my payments for my examination, I’ve hardly anything left in the bank. But its alright, since its not for frivolous expenses like the makeover session I had with Juli and Geri.

By right, the end date to make the payments was on last Saturday, 8th of April. However, I stalled and procrastinated and by the time I reached the post office, it was already closed.

I really had a most upsetting weekend and all I could think about was how I wont be taking my examinations this year and how careless and what a blockhead I was.

But I decided to call up the ministry of education anyways. I didnt have anything else to lose. They actually said that they still accepted payments with today being the absolute last day.

My heart leaped! Hope! Joy! Revelation! Penance!

I’ll still be poor for a few months. Oh well, at least I’ll have no money problems since I dont have any money to speak of 😛

A couple of pictures I’d like to share with everyone. Shuqun, the school where I worked at had some guests from Hong Kong 🙂 They about 100 of these students, and they came over to experience what life would be like if they were students in Singapore.

They toured around the different places in Singapore like Bugis, Serangoon, to experience the culture and experienced different things. They even spent the night over at some shuqun student’s houses.

I think thats a splendid idea as this shows how people live. Its not superficial and its real. The right way to experience culture. (Do you hear that Ministry of Tourism?!)

Soft toys being sold. Money collected will be for the needy and poor students of Shuqun.

And my disciple Jean and me. Is it so wrong to want to take a huge bite out of my arm? ROFL!

Time to do a little bit of reading. Till the next time 🙂

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