Completely and utterly pointless post

Somewhere on the abandoned planet of laptopia …

What will happen to our heroes? Tune in next time to … bricks in space!

Do you ever had one of those days when you just have one of those unexplained, “not good” feelings? I must have experienced one of my panic attacks again yesterday after being feeling overwhelmed by alot of different factors again.

Zuji still hasnt given me my refund (thats a whole months pay for me!)

Airplane tickets has already increased

Payment for my examination fees is already here

I’ve to pay for my geography tuition

And then payments for the economics additional group tuition

Costs for books is surprisingly expensive

My classmate Jaslyn got pepper sprayed on her face and then robbed

My dearest had his car broken in and his laptop stolen

Workload at work is as hectic as ever

Oh my heart cant take it. Thus, the overwhelming feeling and the panic attack again. But I have to keep myself focused on what I’m doing all these for. Its not easy to reach for for our goal and many a times we’ll face hurdles and some of us give up. But if one truely desires for something, one must persevere.

7 more months … 7 more months and I will be free …

I dont know why but I found this funny:

On realisation that it was the time of the month and having no supplies ready, I turned to ask my friend

Me : Psst! Do you have a pad?

She : Oh no, my dog died.

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    can only be realized in mind and not in body.

    Lose your mind and your set your body free!


  2. uh..wat happens in 7 mths? You’ll inherit hotel chains in the region and become an overnight multi millionaire? If that happens…hehe remember that i’m a good fren! XP

  3. I already lost my mind crazyphat … a long long time ago 🙂

    red, in 7mths I’m taking my A levels and by then I would have completely gone crazy from all the stress … hehehe Hey, a multimullionaire? I wish! Right now my bank account is going to have cobwebs!

  4. Yeah, legos are really pricey arent they? I’m lucky I guess since I can play with the lego robotics set which I found in school. (They were abandoned just like that! :O So rather it being accidentally discarded, I’d rather if I’d salvage it for a bit 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by sibeh sian 🙂

  5. Hiya William! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Legos are so cool arent they? You dont have to worry about building so much cause you can unassemble it all back again 😀

    Yay for legos!

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