Its a no show for the show show

Spent my weekend editing the video for the student graduation ceremony. And I must say, that it was surprisingly addictive. A little music file here, some transition there and it was looking kind of spiffy. I liked it.

And in time, I completed the video and was feeling quite excited. I pressed convert to wmv format and watched the transfer go by. And then it stopped at 80 percent.

Eh? I must have pressed escape by accident. Then I tried again. And the same thing still happened. And I tried again. And still the same thing.

Now I dont know what to do. I guess I could bring the entire Ulead Videomaker installer to school and play it there from the “preview movie” But dang, I really wanted to share it with everyone.

Oh well

Ooh! Anyways, I just collected the photos which I sent to the printshop yesterday and I think I’m a new fan for Fujifilm printing. The picture doesnt look dark and the quality of the picture looks great! I’m so happy 🙂 I’ll do my printouts there from now onwards 🙂

And speaking of pictures, I saw the most magnificent looking dawn outside of my window this morning while talking to my dearest.

6 am




Anyway, am still kind of bummed about the video. Lets see what tomorrow shall bring.

6 Replies to “Its a no show for the show show”

  1. great pics…issat the ol stadium..?
    anyway…u mentioned abt how cum digi prints aren’t as brite as u c it in monitors. Assuming its a LCD monitor…its got an array of liquid crystal cells which amplifies light. On top of dat..recently they developed new technology on LCDs…gosh! this is work!!!

  2. Yeah, its at the Jurong Stadium. Its an old stadium, very 70’s. I’m sure it had its fair share of people walking in with bellbottoms!

    Maybe you’re right there, monitors tend to be bright so the image output would be darker. But I still feel that shop printers should adjust them, since they are experienced and would anticipate that things like that would happen. Right?

  3. Classes? No need to take classes I think. For the hobbyist, I think practise makes perfect? Having friends that like photography helps too. PhotoI is a great place for photo ideas 🙂

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