The story of the unfortunate mouse

I dont know who screamed louder. The mouse or me. It was a dark night. We’ve just completed our night class and I was just walking back to the train station with Brandon, my classmate, and I felt something soft underneath my shoes. I quickly glanced down and to my horror, saw a mouse! And I screamed! And the mouse screamed!And Brandon looked stunned, at all the screaming.

I just jumped up! And at the release of the pressure of my foot, the mouse ran away … I saw the mouse scurrying in a zig zag pattern … probably terrified out of its wits.

Man, I wouldnt ever have that kind of experience. Poor mouse. And my poor shoes.

Anyway, there were beautiful sunflowers in bloom at my workplace yesterday. I loved looking at the bright yellow colours of the petals. Sooo pretty. It just brightens every ones day.

Dont you feel a little tranquil now? πŸ™‚

I just collected the pictures that Juli has chosen for her portfolio. But I wasnt too happy with the quality of the prints. Firstly the pictures looked too dark. (Why do digital prints usually darker than the same image being viewed from the monitor?) But apart from that, there were a few things that I didnt notice while seeing them from the screen.

In one of the pictures, there were some blemishes on them which I swear wasnt there when viewed on the monitor. And on the same picture, she had a moustache! I was so annoyed that I told the lady at the printing counter.

“Eh? Why the picture like this?”

“Whats wrong with it? Nothing wrong what”

“You see lah! She got moustache! Where got people got moustache one??”

“Aiyah print like that what”


I think I’ll go search around for a better printer. Its no excuse to say that its because its digital, it will be darker. They can lighten it by just a push of a button. Its not difficult really.

Bah. Whatever. (Goes back to looking at the sunflowers)

5 Replies to “The story of the unfortunate mouse”

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

    My favourite flower!!

    Where on earth do you work so that you have sunflowers blooming near you?? Omg omg. They are absolutely beautiful.


    Did you draw the mouse cartoon yourself?? Haha i had a good laugh over it! Cute..

  2. Sunflowers are you fave flower? I didnt know that! Well, now I do πŸ˜‰ I work in a secondary school in Jurong East. There are many beautiful gardens and flowers there and happened to be that the sunflowers were really blooming wonderfully, I decided to take a snap.

    Loved looking at it. The strong yellow colour. Its so gorgeous! πŸ™‚

    And yeah, the silly mouse toon was drawn by yours truely. Hahahaha … Silly story too

  3. Halooooo Mari’s friend πŸ™‚ Wonderful sunflowers yes, very bright yellow, I love it! Unfortunately they dont bloom too long and with the crazy weather we are having … :

    But they’ll regrow again πŸ™‚

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