Handwriting throughout the years

I’ve always found graphology interesting although I’ve never learnt about the intricacies of the writing. I do remember about the alignment of the handwriting tells abit of the person’s personality. How accurate that would be is subjective though. For example, if the person’s handwriting goes up instead of on the line, the person is supposed to be a dreamer, if the handwriting is on the line, the person is supposed to be a stable, solid person.

How the person curve their handwriting, the dot of the letter i, the spacing also reveals the person’s orientation. I think its pretty facinating stuff and had used to always want someone to interpret my handwriting. I probably couldnt care less now though, because it seems that my handwriting always changes every so often. Moreoever, I dont write with a physical pen and paper anymore since I use the compy more πŸ˜›

But I’ve always enjoyed writing alot since I was a young girl. I didnt know what prompted me or inspired me – perhaps it was upbringing,once a week my mother would bring me to the library since I was 6 or so, and I enjoyed being lost in the world of imagination from a book and wanted to share my thoughts the best way that I could think of. Through writing.

I started a diary when I was about 10 or so. I enjoyed penning my thoughts in and sketching drawings in at the end of the diary to sum if all up. (Not very impressive drawing .. but I enjoyed it πŸ˜› )

7 July 1990. 11 years old. I had chicken pox then. It was memorable because I didnt have to go to school for 2 weeks and had to wear black all those days for reason which I have NO idea. Mother would burn incense and let the smoke go over my body to dry the skin and heal the itchiness. It was kind of cool since I felt like I was being voodoo’ed. Wasnt nice though when I came back to school and the first thing my teacher said to me was “you should go back home” Maybe she was worried that she might catch the chicken pox herself … *chuckles*

10 December 1995. I was about 17 then. And just ended my O levels. I was working on the weekends as a waitress then and chanced about one of my numerous crushes while I was working. He was walking with another girl, and thats when I decided that I didnt like him anymore. *laughs* I dont know whatever happened to Yusri, I dont think I could even recognize him if we were in the same room. Its funny reading back that page as the way that I think then and now is so different. I think I’m more open minded as compared to before.

7 August 1998. Take note of the handwriting and the curve of the letters g and y. It was said that when someone has a hook like that, they are very frustrated. I didnt feel frustration then, but I remember that I was extremely stressed out back in Jurong Institute. Pressurised by the extremely tough subjects which I shouldnt have taken having been in arts stream all my secondary life to be facing with the science stream abruptly.

I didnt do well in Jurong Institute, however, I never regretted it though, since there were many beautiful memories there which I could never trade for anything in this world.

15 Jan 2005. Well, I dont really keep a diary anymore, but this is just a brief idea of what my handwriting looks like now. I tend to write in all capital letters because it looked neater to me. No more hooks, like what I used to have and my lines are thicker.

Hmmm … wonder what that means

Of balls, of sheeps and toilet brushes

My throat feels like its being tickled with a feather. At least it doesn’t hurt any more like it did 2 days ago. It was a horrible burning sensation then, like someone stuffed a toilet brush down my throat. It must have been due to the virus thats going around here that’s affecting people around – I haven’t been hit this bad ever, even from last year, when I’ve been using my voice a lot.

Speaking of viruses, I heard from newsradio that the bird flu virus strain is hitting up again with a new case in Vietnam today. *shakes head*

Contemplated playing hookey today and not go to work moreover, I didn’t have any classes today and there are days when I really didn’t want to go to work at all – most of the times due to the company’s negligence of worker’s welfare. I went to work any way, no point staying at home doing nothing.

So thus I took the one hour bus journey to Senja and reached the schoolΒ in the late morning. Teachers in West spring were starting to look more stressed out, and it was understandable since we were slowly settling down. I feel bad for them since most of them had to be in school at 7.25 am and stay till 6 pm, which I thought was TOO long and TOO draining and TOO enduring.

Nevertheless, West spring has some of the best people that I know of, wonderfully warm and friendly people that I enjoyed disturbing ever so often. The people at work are really genuine and I’m blessed to know people like these. They really are great πŸ™‚

This Sunday would beΒ a soccerΒ match between Singapore and Indonesia. I contemplated on going, however, I didn’t know of anyone who wanted to go and the last time I checked, tickets were all snapped up. It was that popular it seems.

Now I’m not a football junkie, but this match sounds really exciting since its been years since we had a tiger cup finals in homegrounds. The fact that the national team made it to the finals made it more enticing.

GO GO GO Lions!!

It was my sister Diana’s birthday on the 11th Jan πŸ™‚ I’d almost forgot about it if mother didn’t reminded me about it. I scoured around looking for things which were cute but not too childish for an 11 year old sister πŸ™‚

At last, I found it in Mu-ee. It was a black sheep pencil case which I thought was just perfect. It had a silly face that had an infectious smile when you looked at it. I had it wrapped and gave it to my sister … and she liked it πŸ™‚ It was sort of nice to see her chuck away her other pencil case immediately and putting all her stationaries in the pencil case.

Diana told me of this incredibly cute story of her sheep getting spanked while she was in class, which I thought would be animal abuse if it was really alive πŸ˜›

At this point of time writing, I’m staring at the wall, and the piece of paper with the sketch of the new webbie beckons me. I. Havent. Even. Started. With. The. Page. Yet. And that thing should have been done before the new year … I’ve so much things that I keep pushing away, its embarrassing. More embarassing that I’ve pasted a poster right beside it which has been gracing the top of my bed for the past year. The poster says “procrastination, one of these days is none of these days”

I’ve really got to find some will power to start … got to push myself harder and not be so darned lazy!

Well, I’ll end here for the moment. I’ll update again when I can. But before that…

And thank you Geri for being number 1 blog fan here … here’s a star for you!

And cart *hugs*

None for ashley πŸ˜›

Ah better stop here before I lose my mind again for the nth time

Thank goodness its the weekends!

Havent updated my blog for a while, you know what that means – the start of the new year, thus there isnt that much free time for me to update this page here. Anyways, I heard from geri that she’s gotten a job that she really wanted as a market research analyst. Doesnt sound particularly interesting to me, however, I’m really happy that she managed to get something that she likes. It was funny to hear her describing the manager, the one whom interviewed her, asking her all sorts of questions and quipping in “Tick, tock, tick tock” when she took a longer time to answer. πŸ™‚

Speaking of jobs, my first real job was probably somewhere in the middle of the year 1999. That time, I was just completing my diploma and a friend asked me, “Hey marina, do you want to work as a temp teacher?” I dont know what compelled me to, but I accepted and found myself as a language teacher for Boon Lay secondary. I dont remember much about the entire scenario, I remember that I had a table, being introduced to the other staff, having to write up weekly lesson plans in a teachers handbook. The first day when I had to step in a class, I felt a little nervous … What was I thinking? Putting myself in a room of 40 kids! What on earth was I doing? But my fears was unfounded when I looked at the friendly, slightly mischevious eyes on the students, looking back at me as I introduced myself to them. We interacted, and at the end of the day, I found out that, this isnt too bad after all – in fact, I quite liked the attention of having to stand in front and talk πŸ˜›

Weeks passed by and I find myself having alot of fun teaching and thinking of new ways to make lessons more enjoyable. Slowly, I became quite attached to these students. These cute and adorable kids. It felt really nice when one is acknowledegd I guess. Small things matter. The little waves and the hi’s πŸ™‚

Come one friday, the principal called me up to the office. “The new teacher will be coming in on monday, you dont have to come anymore” Just like that. I blinked blankly and mumbled a thank you and cleared my table in a daze.

I didnt say a word till I reached home, headed right to bed and felt the first warm tear rolling out of my eyes. I actually realised then how attached I was to the kids! All the things I planned to do wont materialise anymore. No childrens day celebration together. No more lessons together. And I bawled my eyes out for the entire night.

Actually, today, I cant believe that I actually did that – kind of silly come to think about it πŸ˜› But that was the pinnacle of things to come. I enjoyed teaching and decided that, this was something that I didnt mind doing. Thus I decided to look for a more long term teaching and saw myself teaching for different companies, some memorable, and some not very pleasant. Like the time when I had to work in Altron for 7 days a week! Unfixed hours! Even on holidays I had to work! As much as I enjoyed teaching, it got depressing when I didnt have time for myself. I hated the fact that I left when everyone at home was sleeping, and reached home and see that they were sleeping for the night. I left Altron in less than 6 months before they had a chance to confirm me as a permanent staff. It was too depressing. I felt nothing but emptiness.

For some months, I took a hiatus and didnt do anything. Just some part time to supplement my expenditures. I was too proud to ask for money from anyone, you see, and refused to borrow cash even from my parents. They’ve got their own things to deal about anyways.

So I recovered, and then finally felt bored, staring at the same people, same walls, same scene πŸ˜› Strangely enough, it was like a deja vous again. Noordin, a friend I made from Altron, who quit because he couldnt get along with the boss there asked me “hey marina, do you want to work as an IT teacher?” And I said yes! I skipped the interview and started immediately on the April 2003.

I saw that the culture over at West Spring was much more challenging as compared to the other schools that I have been at. The kids were more precocious as compared to other schools. But I truely felt at home, yes it was pretty stressful at times. Sometimes it felt chaotic, but its alright. Most of the times, it was still enjoyable teaching there and the kids there were quite responsive. So that was nice. And I finally managed to have a proper “children’s day celebration” *laughs*

The nice thing about west spring was that we pretty much do things together – really like a family. Thus its easy to bond here, and yes, I do feel quite attached here. My heart sank when some of the students went up a level, and I didnt have a chance to teach them anymore. Yes, I do miss them.

Anyhow, it looks like the present company that I have might encounter some problems … so I have to toughen myself now, and think of a backup system and prepare myself in case that the deja vous of me being called in the office again, like that year in 1999 …

Anyways, the past week in west spring! Very busy week! Orientation, parent discussions! Club recruitment! Well, I dont any pictures to show you, so I’ll let my colleague’s blog step in πŸ˜›

New Years Eve

He fought valiantly. After days struggling through, try to fight from being taken over. They tried to stop him, making him restart his battle again and again. Unfortunately, he got wounded …and tired … He finally lost his fight. He exploded and with a dramatic cloud of smoke, passed away …

Rest well, my sweet modem. May you rest in peace in technoheaven up high above you… You will be remembered.

And that was the start of a horrible day. After losing my modem, I decided to quickly get ready to go to the staff meeting at school. That was about 9am. Enough time for me to get on the bus and reach there. By then, it started raining. Armed with my trusty umbrella and my sweater and my backpack with my fried modem and other artilleries, I headed to the bus stop.

I reached the school and to my horror, it was empty! I called up a colleague. Isnt there a meeting in school right now? What? They changed the location? No, they didnt tell me … I’ll be there. So I rushed over in the rain to try to get to the place which I was not familliar with. As I sat in the bus I kept thinking, is this the right way? This doesnt look right. And after a while, I finally figured that I was actually lost.

Ookay then, skip that, I might as well just skip the meeting anyways, by then, it was just about 11am. No point going to the meeting anymore. I decided to go to Buona Vista to have them check up my modem by the tech there. He checked it, and fiddled with it and finally said “Yup, this is spoiled alright, you need to get a new modem” I looked at him incredulously …”well, cant I get it here?” And he pointed to the 3 different locations to purchase. I shook my head at what a time waster that was.

While waiting for yet another bus, I had a phone call from my supervisor … “why werent you at the meeting today, did you know how angry the principal was? Come for meeting today later at 4” And that phone call really made me upset. Coupled with the rain, and the cold, I was really feeling sorry for myself.

I then rushed to head to town area where it was crowded with people wanting to purchase the starhub mobile phones. I tried my best to be patient, stuck my mp3 player in my ears and fiddled around with my sweater. And when I finally got served, I realise that I had to fork out some moolah and my heart just sank.

I think I spent over 600 dollars on computer parts alone these past two months … things which I could use to spend on other things. Its so unnessary … heh.

Anyhow, I rushed home and threw everything on the floor, set up my new modem listlessly and read my email for abit. I had an email from cartcart, him feeling bad, and so making me feel concerned too.

My mother must have camed in and saw the expression on my face. I was very quiet and just shook my head when she asked me to have lunch. “There must be something going on, I can tell by the look on your face” I find myself bursting out what happened …and we were both quiet for a while.

She told me to have patience and that everything that happens, has a reason to it. I couldnt hear her, like I was underwater …

Happy bleeping new year indeed.

It was 3pm now, time to go off to the train to Boon Keng for my meeting. I met another fellow colleague and we had a heart to heart discussion about the direction and goals of the company. The problems and solutions … I have to say that it felt a little more uplifting then, I think the one hour train ride, thinking of nothing helped alot.

Well, to put a long story short, I have to find ways to enbetter myself and rise above everything else.

Anyhow, reached home at night time, after calling julie to confirm if she wanted to go out to Great World City, and after not being able to reach her, decided to go home straightaway. She told me later as I was nearly at my stop that she fell asleep waiting for my meeting to be over. I think by then we both didnt want to go out anyways. It was still raining, and it was much too cold and dreary to go partying anyways. I wasnt in the party mood either.

So I celebrated the way I would rather wanted to, chatted with friends online and wished each other a safe, happy and prosperious and enriching new year …

Well, happy new year dear friends. Life can be bleh but with people like you makes it more tolerable πŸ™‚

Looking back

Well looking back for this year, I’d have to admit that there were alot of crazy, strange, amazing things that I did this year which I would have never thought I’d never do

January : Started keyboard lessons

February : Had a crush on someone, and plastered stupid post-its on his table

May : Signed up for motorcycle lesson

June : Paricipated in the Singapore Idols

July : Did brazillian waxing (and I dont think I will ever do again)

August: learnt how to hoverboard, learnt alot about investments

September : Tried the flying trapeze, went to camp in the worst condition

October : Plucked the courage to go to gym, knowing there were alot of scary muscled men in there

November : Caved in and registered for a webhost

December : Donated blood

I’m also grateful for the wonderful people that I met this year,friendly people in the office, casual aquaintances on the street, wonderful folks on the net … there are many many gems out there, if one can search for it πŸ™‚

Kung Fu Hustle!

What can I say, if you liked shaolin soccer, I’m sure you’d like this too. Its really funny πŸ™‚ And I really enjoyed watching this with Julie and Hema even though we had to sit smack right in front of the theater since it was jam packed with people. It was worth having to have my neck craned up and slouched like that.

Basically, the movie is about a trenchcoat and hat wearing gang who brandished axes. They were called the “axe gang” They happened to go to a village where there were hidden surprises in them.

Anyways, watch it .. its funny πŸ™‚

Unholy Communion

When an asian woman reaches of a certain age, it would be inevitable that a particular talk should arise. I had a very interesting talk with my mother this morning about the topic of marriages. I remember one of the talks that we used to have. She told me of the 5 qualities that one should look out when looking for a partner.

Number one : The person should have enough material means to support himself and his wife.

Number two : The person should not have any diseases like aids, or mental defects

Number three : The person should preferably be decent looking. (For a good gene pool she mentioned)

Number four : The person should come from a good background.

Number five : Most importantly, he should have firm religious beliefs.

It was interesting to listen to her talk, she should be a motivational speaker for the masses – she can be facinating to listen to. Anyhow today, while I was helping out to make some food in the morning, she mentioned to me about some of the people that was around her. The topic was like this :

“You know? Its so sad that Marina isnt married right now. Poor thing, You shouldnt be so choosy”

That comment flipped my mother out and she lambasted back to the person.

“Why should she be in such a hurry to get married if she’s not ready yet? She’ll get into problems if she’s not prepared for it. Why do you call her a poor thing? She has education, she has a career and she has decent looks. Now why are you rushing her?”

I looked at my mom with such admiration for sticking up to me, even though we dont see eye to eye sometimes, she’s still a strong and admirable woman.

And then, she told me about the cousin’s wedding that I had to go to today. I pretty much dont enjoy going to weddings. And this list below pretty much sums it up the reasons why I dont like to go to them. Not as compared to the wedding of people which I am close to as compared to clan weddings πŸ˜›

Top 5 reasons why I dislike weddings (malay weddings in particular)

5. Combination of bad karaoke and loud amps = migraine
4. Speaking of karaoke, I dont understand why they insist on playing totally inappropriate songs during this occasion. “She left me heartbroken, now I’m all alone” “How could she do this to me” Sour grapes much?
3. It appears to be that most of the males would be huffing and puffing on their ciggies away. Like a procession with ciggies as their instruments. With such exquisite billowing of their ciggies, the impressive concierto of the smoky instrument, impressively leaving people around gasping for air.
2. Never any organization.
1. Always the gossippy people, trying to belittle you down.

Another cousin’s wedding today after seeing my cousin noreen’s wedding on the 12th December. That was at best, tolerable since we get to see alot of characters in different people. Since Malay weddings are supposed to be a community extended between all of the relatives, it was really disheartening to see that there are some people who tried to sneak out and not do their part, leaving those people who are doing their jobs to be burdened to work even harder with the extra task. What was the icing on the cake would have to be when the brother of the bride himself didnt even turn up for the entire reception, and only appeared at the end of the wedding when the whole event was over. If there is ever a word for phobia of weddings, I think I would have one.

So, anyhow I looked with displeasure at being told that there was a wedding today and just as expected, loud inappropriate music, clouds of smoke …

I looked for an excuse to leave in after two hours. I wanted to visit a colleague’s housewarming party today anyways. I sms’ed everybody I knew to accompany me there. Seems that they were all busy or had previous engagements. So I did the best thing I could think of at the time. I dragged my sister Diana πŸ˜› She didnt seem to mind it at all. I think she was relieved even to be able to leave the event.

We went to Woodlands mrt station, and gingerly went to Hasnah’s house. There were many shoes outside of the door, indicating that there were many many people inside. We went in and I saw some students which I havent seen for a while – yes, I did miss them … a little πŸ˜› It was lovely to spend some time with them, not in the school environment.

My sister was a little shy with the students even though they were just a few years older than she was. I guess she’s always been shy around people that she doesnt know.

Anyhow, we were playing around with the toy that Hasnah gave to every visitors. It was really really cute and has this wierd sound coming out of it when we squeezed its beak

Meet Poring and duck – My new sleeping partners πŸ˜›

I think we annoyed the heck out of people when we were playing with the ducks on the way home on the train.

Later on when I reached home, I heard of the horrible news of the earthquake that happened in asia. Since Singapore is basically just a piece of rock and is protected by larger countries like Indonesia, we didnt get hit. Maybe just mild tremors in some parts of the island.

It was horrifying to hear of the death toll … It was just jaw dropping to hear of the magnitude of the earthquake … and I felt really sad for all of our neighbouring countries … I was relieved to know that Julie picked up the phone and indicated that she was safe and sound at home. But she was worried for rin, who was in phuket, and didnt reply to her phone calls.

Hopefully it would be because of the busted phone lines.

I can only hope for the best.

A lovely day spent at the beach

After days of postponing, I finally had the chance to go out with geri again today. We were supposed to go on tuesday, however there was a staff meeting for the new registration of students in the school and the actual registration the next day. It was nice to see that most of the staff looked fresh and relaxed as compared to some months back while they were teaching, and the end of year examinations. Waheeda, one of my colleagues (whom used to be a school mate while back in Jurong Institute) told me that she went to KL. Some said that they went to Hong Kong, another said that they went to Europe. I was wondering if I should have taken the trip to Thailand after all.

Anyway, I met up with Geri at Bugis and we proceeded to go to the coffee shop to meet up with Ashley. Now Ashley is a person whom I havent met for many years. I got to know her back when I was in MIRC.In its heydays, it was a popular program that we used. Sometimes the chatters wouuld meet up for outings : coffee, dinner, a game of pool, movies … I enjoyed myself during these meetups, I was fortunate to meet the bubbly, funny people. One of them was Ashley. She was really rambuctious, wild and crazy gone nuts. Considering that we only met for two or three times in the year 2000. I was surprised and a little embarassed that she could still recognize me while I couldnt.

Geri : Hey Marina, thats Ashley there!
Me : Where? Where?
Geri : There!
Me : (peers around)

A woman stands in front of us : Here

I felt so sheepish! Apart from the reason that I havent seen her for a while, why I couldnt recognize her was also because of the fact that she looked more feminine and much toned down as compared to the first time that I saw her. She used to have hair full of many many braids topped with a wrap around bandanna and clubbers clothes. Now what I see in front of me was a lady with long flowy hair, chic clothes, toting a handbag on her arms, looking fab with her sunglass.

We had lunch together and talked about irc life, ashley’s adopted brother, amiran’s cafe new location and practically everything that we could think of. We persuaded her to join us to East Coast. She declined saying that she’d rather go shop for christmas presents. Another time perhaps.

After lunch, we went to Eunos MRT station and took the bus 13 to reach the beach. It was an amazing atmosphere. For it being christmas eve, the beach was bustling with activity. There were roller bladers circling everywhere, bicycle riders zooming past by and many many tents around with people around the area. It felt so hustle and bustle and ALIVE!

We rented a pair of bicycles and went off to explore the beach. It was really lovely to chill around, enjoying the sea breeze and just take in the view. There were people fishing, tanning, flying kites, jogging, cycling …and just having fun in general.

Geri was snapping some pictures and I really liked this one she snapped of me

and this one πŸ˜›

I snapped a couple of pictures at the bedok jetty too. Dang my camera, but this is one of the better shots I had

In the evening, we decided to go kayaking. Now that was so much fun! We forgot that during evening tides the waves of the sea will be stronger and push to the beach. Thus it was harder to paddle off from the beach on the kayak. But once we were in the
sea, everything else was easy. I decided to chill on the kayak and enjoy the water waves, bobbing up and down in the sea breeze and look at the surroundings. What a life. I wondered why I didnt do this more often.

When nightfall, we decided to ride to the food center to have our dinner. BBQ Stingray! The place was packed with people and there was practically nowhere to sit. So I gingerly asked a lone man if we could join him and luckily for us, he said yes.

Eating is such a pain sometimes. Geri wanted to eat bbq chicken but I cant eat the type she wanted since its not halal. And the stingray from the chinese places might not be safe to eat either since they sometimes cook pork or add meat from unknown
sources. So its kind of troublesome – but geri is really sweet when she insisted that we eat the same thing together even though I knew she really really wanted the bbq chicken.

I told geri that I had a nice time today. It was really enjoyable. So different from the typical outing a Singaporean would have. I mean, movies and dinner is great and fine but something different, like cycling and kayaking is so much fun, I wondered why we didnt do it more. Maybe Singaporeans arent that creative in having a good time. Even the government thinks so with all the grants being funded for our “creativity” and the “arts” I still think that we might still be sheep, but in time, I’m sure we will be the sheperd πŸ™‚

After dinner, we cycled again and got ready for our dessert at cafe gelare which was next to the fair grounds. The night air is so perfect, there were so much life around. From where I was sitting while having my ice cream there were dog trainers
with many dogs running around him, shop kiosks around and little food areas. I look up and it was a lovely full moon too. What a romantic setup .. heh πŸ˜›

We parted for home at about midnight and I reached home at about 1am after taking the last bus and had to take a cab for the last part of the journey. (Aweful and rediculous midnight surcharges!)

But all in all .. What a lovely day πŸ™‚

I’m not going to cry
I’m not going to get angry
I’m not going to get upset
I’m not going to let you get to me …

I’m a fighter … And I’m on fire

Your can be pysically independant … but how about mentally?

Hehehehe πŸ™‚

Ahem .. anyways … look whats on my table right now πŸ™‚

I love my present … thanks geri! I had to figure a while how to take the metal grips apart to insert in the picture but its all good now πŸ™‚

Anyhow’s we went for dinner on tuesday and I was quite excited to see her after not seeing her for about a year or so now. I wondered how much she’s changed so far. We met at about 6 at City Hall Mrt … she’s still as bubbly as ever! Very tanned but wow the aura πŸ™‚

We chatted all the way to the Esplanade and had dinner and I enjoyed the lovely view of the sea. I loved the cool air and the breeze. It felt good to be out enjoying the crisp night air. We saw a rehersal for the ballet performance as we chilled out by the sea.

I wasnt used to just sitting down doing nothing. Usually I’d have something in my hands to keep myself occupied. I must have fidgeted enough to have Geri commented about high strung I was. I dont think I was though, maybe I was just not used to it, thats all.

Our conversation circled on alot of different things. Like how she thinks how complacent Singaporeans are. And I couldnt agree more, in the sense that most of us can be sheep sometimes awaiting for people to herd us. She observed of how the behaviours of Singaporeans from Ozzie … always studying, always afraid of exploring anything that they are not familliar with. I may be generalising, but that is what most of us here … taking things for granted that are in front of us.

I wish I could do that, explore, move on, spread my wings. Its like being that proverbial bird in a cage sometimes with our culture. I really am looking forward to just become 100% independent by my own. Most of the times I argue with my mother about these issues. Personally, i find it a little juvenile to be arguing over such matters. She believes that independance entails to knowing how to take care of the household. Whereas for me, I believe indepenance means that one can do anything that the mind achieves. So the two mindsets clash … I try not to make her angry too much … πŸ˜›

Hopefully, I could start to live overseas for a little bit. Maybe start in Kuala Lumpur for a while and see how it goes. I hear that there is always a need for IT Trainers there. Would be a nice start πŸ™‚ Petronas Towers and Sunway Lagoon and the KLCC are so closeby … with the city nearby, alot of creature comforts would be taken cared of. Am really excited about that prospect.

But on the other hand, I’ve been around people for so long that I dont know what it will be like alone. Its always noisy where I live at and the day when everyone was out, it was so quiet and still … it was eerie … (thank goodness for internet to keep me company :P)

Anyway, Geri and I went to a Chocolate Cafe for dessert afterwards and shared a chocolate fondue and I listend to her excited talk about her backpacking travels and was amazed and proud of her accomplishments … This spunky lady was able to last for weeks roughing it out … I’m not sure if I were able to do that. So she’s got a high level of respect from me.

Well, thats all I’ve to write at the moment … sorry geri, I tried my best … told you it was kinda juvenile πŸ˜› I’ll try again soon πŸ™‚