Oh my goodness

It is 4.30am right now and I couldn’t go back to sleep. And so here I am. My goodness. It has been a very long time since I’ve last blogged in here. Is there still anyone reading me?

A lot of things has happened, but I just haven’t really the chance to sit down to blog about it as I used to. Time just passes by so quickly for me and before you know it, an entire year has just passed by.

Regardless of how some might think that blogs are dying, I think I would like to continue to blog again, maybe at least once a week just to write down my thoughts and experience. It has been something I enjoy doing, letting my fingers dance on the keyboard.

And so this will be my first blog for 2020, something simple to get the engines started for the next one.

2 Replies to “Oh my goodness”

  1. I also get email notifications. I recently put some time into blocking a bunch of junk email so saw your most recent post.

    I haven’t really blogged much either over the last few years. I’ve just been busy and, oddly enough, I decided recently to try to put some more effort into blogging again. I used to enjoy it.

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