Should I join the Spartan Race?

I’ve been trying to psyche myself up to sign up for the Spartan race for a while now. It’s basically a type of race where you complete various circuits. The length varies from roughly 6 km, 13 km and 21 km.

It’s not the distance which scares me, but the obstacles in between. You have to climb things, carry things, jump over things and all sorts of … things. Toons

The good thing is that I’ve been training a little bit, but the bad thing is that, after each session, I’d usually feel like the weakest person in the neighbourhood.

In my training group, I see a number of people finishing challenges faster than me, lifting heavier weights than me … it looks like it’s such breeze for them. But I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Maybe they’ve been training for years, while I just started last October. That’s just 3 months. Crossfit Cross Training Iron Dragons Roma

Anyway, one of the thing that I’m weak at is, monkey bars. It happens that there is a monkey bar which is near my home and I’d always stare at it whenever I pass by. I climbed these often as a kid. Not so often as an adult.

Every now and then, I’d feel courageous and attempt to traverse it, but as soon as I climb up and get to the first rung, I’d look down and see how high it was from the top and lose my nerve.

It’s really high! It feels like I’m using a climbing station for giants. Or do you think that I’m exaggerating? A too high Monkey Bars

Nevertheless, it’s something that I’d like to get better at because it’s a common challenge in a spartan race as what I’ve seen in videos such as this one.

It looks kind of fun but I still haven’t signed up yet, because of two factors. Firstly, because I keep thinking that I’m not in a good enough shape. And secondly, at 79 euro, it’s quite a lot of money.

Maybe I’ll see how I feel at the end of February? My goal right now is to try to lose a little bit of weight because I read that it’s easier traversing monkey bars when you’re lighter.

Not easy when one likes to eat. Yes, my favourite workout of the day 😛