What do you do when your ring is loose?

When you’re chubby, it’s nice when you’ve lost some weight.

But one not so nice thing about it is when your wedding ring gets all loose. So loose that it starts to slide off your finger as you ride the scooter, while you wrestle to keep it on while focusing on the road, for example.

I used to have the same issue with the engagement ring, and I had it tightened at the jewellers with the use of a tiny piece of metal.


The thing is, my skin doesn’t take well to non-pure metals and the combination of water and perspiration aggravates the allergy even more. So I had to be very careful.

Anyway, one of the more skin-friendly technique that my ex-colleague taught me was to use a regular thread and wrap it all around the ring to make it more snug. It takes ages to do though, just this bit took me close to an hour as I had to do a dead knot at each turn so that the thread doesn’t move about too much.


And on some days, even with the thread around it, it’s still quite loose. But at least it doesn’t fly across the room as you shake your hands dry after washing them.

I suppose another solution is to just wear the two rings together. Like this.


Looks and feel very awkward though.

5 Replies to “What do you do when your ring is loose?”

    1. HAHAHAH #firstworldpains – i need to wear both rings together but it doesnt look nice cos both are solitaire. 😛

      anyway, i think the thread one is very clever. i’ve never seen the metal fastener before in singapore / malaysia! really, they have such things in rome?! wow. that’s really clever too. but my skin also doesnt take well to the ‘cheap’ sort of metals. 😛

      btw. the gold and platinum u wear are also allow / mixed / non-pure. 😛 so it’s more accurate to say… low grade metal. hahaha. 😛

    2. I never really thought about that, we Malays don’t really have a tradition of wearing both the wedding and the engagement bands together after marriage. I only got to know it wayy later :

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