What happened to Maggi Mee?

On the day before our flight back to Rome, I packed loads of Singaporean foodstuff in my luggage. One of these item was Maggi Mee.

Maggi Mee

Maggi Mee is probably one of the food that many Singaporeans have growing up. Since it’s so easily prepared, it’s a saviour especially for people who have no time or too lazy to cook prefer the convenience of an instant food.

I made Cart a bowl of Maggi Mee Curry to try for the first time and this was his experience. Please excuse the quality though, I didn’t realise the small resolution while recording it.

Personally I don’t know what Maggi did to the formulation. It’s different! You can taste it! What did you do? What did you do?!

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  1. Liza

    I didnt notice the pyramid while buying in the supermarket .. LOL, I just grab everything I wanted and throw at the cashier! 😛


    I didn’t see the “unhealthy” version come to think of it. Everything was practically the same in NTUC. Bleargh.

    Cart was asking me if I could make my own curry noodle with the curry powder that we have. Ehm. I will try to make after this “healthy” incident.

  2. It is difficult to find the original version of Maggi noodle at leading supermarket nowadays. Most of them have the new less salt version. Tried it once and it does not taste nice at all. So now, I always get mine at shops like Sheng Siong or kedai mamak or small provision shops. They still have the original version.

  3. Rosie

    Alamak! Then in that case, by the time that I return back to Singapore in mid December (God willing) all the original Maggi Mee will be gone!

    Haiyah! Lucky you, you still can eat original version. I have yet to see any maggi mee in rome 😛


    Hahaha, then I just dont eat at all lah. I dont like the new version. Hence even more healthy 😛

  4. Did u noticed the Japanese and Korean versions ? To me they taste the same as Maggi, which doesnt justify the higher price !

    Here we hv brands like Yum Yum (thai, 40ct), Mamee (M’sian, 39ct) n Good Noodles (dutch, 69ct). The dutch version is very good with their dry noodles (mee goreng, tandoori, chicken satay, curry, etc) whereas their soup noodles are rather bland, just like the 2 asian versions (beef, chicken, mushroom, prawns, curry, asam laksa).

    I suppose we cant expect much from a small pack but I’m still disappointed when the curry/laksa is just like the rest – a clear broth with a little coloring to give us the illusion that we r getting the real thing *sigh*

    Since there is little choice to stock up enough for a quick fix, I stock-pile on Mamee whenever there is a sale (5packs for 99ct !! with short sell-by date). Sometimes I just add iceberg lettuce, ham slices or an egg (hard boiled is better btw) to perk up the dish. My fave is my own version of saucy (dry)noodles – make a sauce from sambal badjak/kejap manis/light soya/sesame oil. Mix them together n u hv a wonderful fragrant bowl of noodles. Add some green veg to break the monotony.

    R u using a pre-mixed masala for the chicken curry ? My pack from SG is 5 yrs old n has lost its potency/flavour. I’m back to using individual bottles of spices to make my own curry powder. What I missed is real coconut milk. Hv to make do with santen block but it’s not the same 🙁 2 days ago I made Lontong. Same problem here, the soup is not rich like it should be. I wonder how u remedy this ?

  5. Dutchie

    Actually, no unfortunately, I’ve never come across the Japanese and Korean versions. Neither have I see Yumyum or Mamee or Good Noodles. Where could I get those anyway? Hehehe

    I guess its alright lah, I’ve got a small stash with me to last for a while to make my own noodles! 🙂

    And yeah, the best things about these noodles is that you can put anything you like in them, egg, veggies, fish, anything lah .. hehe 🙂

    I use baba’s curry powder to make curry but if thats run out, its not a big problem for me since there are asian stores that sells curry powder too, although its not Babas. Oh! And santan too. Although its a really wierd consistency and it comes in a tin can!

    I’m not sure if I could keep them for 5 years though, I bet the smell and the taste would be different.


    Fast to cook, good to eat 😛

  6. What wld make Maggi Curry (with egg) taste even better is to add a dollop of chilli sauce and a little dark soy sauce (kicap masin cap kipas, hehe). Cook it until the sauce is of thick consistency but dun overcook the noodles.

    Guaranteed sedapp! Din yg ajar. Thank him. =p

  7. If u can find a chinese toko, there’s bound to be instant noodles lah ! The Oriental in Amsterdam sells them by the box (40packs) but they r not exactly cheaper. When the ang mo shops offer a sale, it’s a sale with lower prices.

    Google on instant noodles n it will open ur eyes to the local favourite flavours of different countries. A nice read.

  8. Never buy the low salt low fat crap, I only get the traditional original one.

    BTW, Italians like their noodles al dente, so must adjust accordingly. And I always cook my noodles and soup separately now as the noodles tend to give out too much wax and I think it does affect the taste.

    Otherwise, I just so love Maggi Mee. My favourite is assam laksa.

  9. Dutchie

    Hahaha, the irony is that whenever I ask Cart and other Italians about instant noodles, they’d usually make a face and ask, “Why would you want to eat that when you have so much nice pasta around here?”

    I’ve tried other instant noodles I got from a Chinese shop, but I didn’t find it too much special.

    Do you eat instant noodles often?


    There are wax on the noodles? I didnt realise that. All I knew was that there was a wax lining when it comes to the instant noodles that comes from a Styrofoam cup.

    Anyhow, I never realised that Maggi made low fat noodles until it was too late 😛


    That is so kind of you! But I think after our postal delivery adventures, I think its best not to because I really don’t trust them!

    It takes over a month to clear the immigration, not including the time to get it from Singapore to here and on top of that, an additional so called TAX to be paid. Aiyo

    Anyhow, I really didn’t realise about the low fat version of Maggi … when did they start to do that?

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