This is how Ubuntu Netbook Remix Looks like

I was really sad that my S10 wasn’t functioning but my brother advised me to take out the motherboard and plug it back in again. Amazingly, my netbook works again!

Ubuntu Netbook Remix - Karmic Koala

So today, I’ll give you an overview of Ubuntu Karmic Koala – the operating system that I’m currently using on my netbook.

I sound like a freaking teacher

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11 Replies to “This is how Ubuntu Netbook Remix Looks like”

  1. Actually i just mentioned you might want to try reseating your ram sticks. i would like to run ubuntu on my laptop, but after installing all the developer tools, i am not left with much space.

  2. Marina, I think you used at least two times the idea that on Ubuntu you will get the latest software updates because it’s open source. There is no direct implication between open source and software updates. I know this may sound condescending but Linux in general it’s a complicated “crowd”. You should stick with what you firmly know in order not to get other people confused with Linux concepts.

  3. Spai

    I think you should just get a new laptop or a netbook to replace your 100 year old dino 😛


    Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

    However, I respectfully disagree with you that Linux is a complicated crowd because it really does not have to be that way. Especially with the different environments like KDE and GNOME making it very easy for regular users to get started.

    I respect and admire coders. But this video is meant more as an overview for those who are new or interested in knowing the Ubuntu Netbook remix and I’m sharing it with my own point of view with the experience that I personally have.

    Also open source means to me as a non developer and a user in general is that I have access to alternative software which rivals to the expensive retail versions.

  4. Hey Rinaz could you let me know what theme you were using? I’ve been looking for a decent one for a while, and the one you were using was really nice.

  5. While I do love the song, and thanks for the link :), I actually meant the Ubuntu theme you were using in the video, it’s different from the ones that come preinstalled.

    Did you download it from gnome-look?

  6. I didn’t do anything special though. I’m running Karmic Koala under netbook remix. All I did was to go to system > appearance > human-netbook and then later adjust the background accordingly.

    I think you’re using the regular interface. I used to be able to change back and forth using the desktop switcher in the pre-release, but I think that Ubuntu dropped this feature for karmic koala.

    In any case, Ubuntu is going to change again in late April with the upcoming release of 10.04

    I hope this answers your question 🙂

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