Fasting in Rome

Yesterday, Cart and I completed the first day of Ramadan successfully. Its a little bit more challenging for me this year, since sunset is about an hour later compared to Singapore.

Also it is the first time that I’m not breaking fast with my family.

While it used to be that I’d try my best to get home, help my mum in the kitchen, listening to the sermon on the radio followed by this Arabic Songs while waiting for sunset and then have a meal together with the family. It feels festive and lively with the six of us at the table.


The dynamics is different this time since its only Cart and me. The radio is quiet since there isnt anything remotely resembling the program that I used to listen to. And since radio online streaming has been suspended, there really is no hope for Singaporeans overseas like me to hear it anymore.

Also we are breaking fast with Italian food! This is very strange for me.

Anyway, a few blog updates in the following weeks – here is small sneak peek on whats to come

Sneak Peek

Sidenote : Since so many are asking, yes Cart and I are coming back to Singapore in December

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  1. I was in Singapore in 2005 during Ramadan. It’s as you described. Around 7pm there would be some prayer/song on the radio in Arab and then soon after we would eat together. An interesting experience.

  2. Is Cart Muslim? If not, he’s a good sport for taking part.

    I remember when I was in Kuwait during Ramadan in 2007. That was quite an experience. We were told not to eat or drink outside during the day or we could face arrest or fines. Not so much when we were on our camp, but if we were out and about. We had to respect Kuwait’s laws.

    I haven’t noticed anything too out of the ordinary in Singapore yet, but I did see a little celebration for Ghost month. That should be interesting.

  3. @Tales the hungry ghost festival is rather interesting. I hope you had the chance to watch a Getai show, where performances are held to entertain the ghosts released.

    Which is ironic right now, since it is believed that the gates of hell are closed during the month of Ramadan, the muslim fasting month. This year, the hungry ghost month and the fasting month clash, so its rather funny.

  4. Stumpbo

    Its the little touches that you miss, like the radio programme, eating together. Oh well 🙂


    You fasted? Thats interesting! How did that go?


    Nothing interesting happening? Oh, then you should go visit Geylang Serai as well as Muscat Street along the Sultan Mosque, loads of things are happening there and good eats 🙂

    Cobalt Paladin

    Wow, thanks for the link 🙂

    I prefer warna though, its just that its more familliar to me …


    So who is in and who is out? 😛 HAHAHA

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