If you love board games, you’ll love Decoder’s Cafe

I joined the pingsters this evening to Decoder’s Cafe for a round of board games. I love board games!

pingsters at Decoder Cafe

I arrived a little late. I missed out seeing Nicole and Claudia as well as the Yu-sheng. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun playing the games with the ones remaining.

It was probably the first time that I went to a cafe that dedicated in playing board games and one of the most exciting games that we played was ‘Jurassic Jumble’ where you swap cards with other people so that you complete a set of dinosaurs.

I think I got a little carried away playing the game 😛

TWO! THREE! TWO! Hahahaha!

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10 Replies to “If you love board games, you’ll love Decoder’s Cafe”

  1. Priss

    No worries! There’s a first and always a next time =)


    Its such a silly game isnt it? And the best part is, there isnt a lot of brain power that needs to be used 😛 Hehehehehe


    Yeah, there is always a next time … more board game outings please =)

  2. So Envy you guys. I always miss the last shot.. Plan to go but last min have to give a miss.. Sob sobz.. You guys muz be enjoying so much

  3. Awww! I decided to go too, but I went on the last minute and missed out on a number of stuff. But I still had a lot of fun nevertheless 🙂

    Please do join us on the next outing! 🙂 It’ll be so much fun!

  4. Hey guys! It’s really nice to see all of you enjoying your session! Right now, we have relocated to Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4 #01-15. Only about 10mins walk from the MRT station! Right opposite the Clementi Bus Interchange! All of us from De Coder’s Cafe look forward to seeing you at our new premises! CHEERS!!! =)

    Yours Truly,

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