Malay weddings are too much work

A bunga telur is a decorative container for eggs meant to be given away as gifts to guests in a Malay wedding.

When mum brought home a huge box of bunga telur and an ornate copper display stand, I started to have my mini panic attacks. Cartcart and I haven’t even planned our wedding yet and already mum has been talking and advising me about our future wedding. It makes me wonder who was more excited – Me or her?

She’s been giving me advice like :

  1. To set the date in the registrar of marriages at least 6 months in advance.
  2. To have a double ceremony.
  3. Drinking jamu to make me more fertile.

And the more she talked, the more I am in realisation that there are so much preparations to do! Not to mention the costs of the ceremony like, catering, invitations, dowry et al. And the more I think about it, the more I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

rinaz muka stress

Why do weddings have to be so much work?

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  1. We havent event planned the wedding yet. Uzyn is more excited about the wedding than I am 😛

    But thank you for the congratulations 🙂 We hope that we can hold it in December next year

  2. Daphne

    Didnt she just say that she’s not getting engaged? 😛 Hehehe

    I’d like a simple wedding myself and save money from all those unecessary things, but even the simplest weddings still costs quite abit of money and thats what stresses me out :

    *pushes the thought away*


    Ok, 150 divide 28 days is about 5 and a half months .. hehehehe

    Thanks for the info 🙂


    Guys drink jamu too? Jamu smells absolutely horrible. I cannot imagine drinking it. But mum insists that its good for the blood circulation so that its easier for me to have kids.

    Sad to say, I’ve demoted to a baby making machine 😛


    Are you thinking of getting married too? Hehehehe

  3. NTT

    I wonder if someone would matchmake you! Hehehehe


    Wow, you’d better be careful because I’d start to ask a hundred and one questions! 😀

    Are you involved with malay weddings by the way?

  4. ooh babe, it’s all finally happening! 🙂 heh everyone goes thru the pre-wedding anxiety la, but take care of urself k? u want to look pretty on ur wedding day, don’t u? 🙂 🙂 speaking of which, let’s sign up for some classes to get our bodies into perfect shape! after ramadhan, wanna sign up for one together? 🙂

  5. Xinyun

    If you’re patient enough to wait for slightly more than one year 😉 By all means .. hehehe

    By then I think we’ll be a nervous wreck! 😛


    Erm pretty? I’m getting stressed out that zits are taking advantage and growing nicely on my face 😛

    But yes, I’d love to go for some fitness courses. Judging by the yoga course that I took, I’m pretty sure the others would be just as great 🙂


    Oh you work for ROM! Gosh! Be prepared to be asked a hundred questions in the future!

    Thank goodness for the internet! The Singapore Brides forum is another great place to interact with other bride to be too 😀

  6. wow!! we’ve only just gotten to know u and soon you’ll be married…. ok the 2 points bear no relation to each other. gosh.

    december next yr eh? exciting stuff. it’s fun watching other brides-to-be get ‘stressed out’…lol.

  7. Shaz

    “Its fun watching other brides to be get stresesed out”


    Anyways right now, we’re still planning and discussing. The date is pretty much an aim at the moment 🙂


    Happy waiting 😛 Hehehehe

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