Marina’s Bloggariffic got hacked

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed an older post was got back to the front page. And I wondered to myself, What could be missing?

Luckily for me, I could recreate that particular post, thanks to google cache. I couldnt save the older archives though. I am not able to save the comments either.

In a way, I did anticipate that something like this would happen and did backups. But interestingly enough, when I uploaded my wordpress backup, it messed up my blog with an additional 200+ categories and another 200+ duplicate posts. Was it because my posts were imported from blogger from December 2006 and earlier ?

Last night I spent several hours having to delete all the extra categories and posts. I was really agitaged. And then I thought to myself, why should I stress myself over this? So I’ll just let it go for now.

Bye bye missing posts! May you rest in peace in technoheaven above…

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  1. Oh. That’s why last night was getting almost non-stop pings from your blog. Hundreds of pings with an interval of less than a minute, causing back-end engine to jam up ( couldn’t visit any of the users’ blogs for latest pings).

    But good thing also that happens early. I quickly added in codes to combat ping spamming. πŸ™‚

    Hope your blog’s okay now. Make sure you update to the latest version of WordPress.

  2. Uzyn

    Yikes! I didnt realised that it messed up too! Sorry!!! *kneels down and postrates*

    Well, the blog isnt “complete” and there are still missing posts here and there but I think I’ll let the missing posts be missing … I think its just not worth getting stressed over, right?

    I’ll just be ambivalent for now … :

    Thanks Uzyn :]

  3. hacked!!! oh no!!! you are the 5th person whose blog got hacked.. 4 of them emailed me complaining that their blog, email, and even friendster acct got hacked.. and they now having hard time to retrieve their account back.. shucks!!! i hope this won’t happen to me.. if not i will run to hostel, wake him up and cry like a baby, and tell him how shah??!!!!

  4. im so sorry to hear about the mishappenings marina.

    Did you update wordpress? 4 days ago there was a critical update patch to wp ver. 2.1.3

    As for your previous posts, try contacting your provider. i hope they do daily backups, so you can retrieve back the database.

    God speed.

  5. Yanni

    Yeah, I think its good for you to be vigilant. Seems that loads of people that I know are getting hacked too. Very scary stuff. Um… I hope it does not get until so bad that you have to go to sha’s hostel for it … πŸ˜›


    Actually I was version 2.12, I didnt want to update so fast because we all know what happened in 2.11 – thats when they just published it for download but it was full of vulnerabilities.

    So I thought I’d just wait a while till it gets to something more stable.

    Oh well.


    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Really appreciate them *hugs*

  6. Yea me too, as a new WordPress user, Im pretty cautious about the updates as well. Really sorry to hear that your posts are no longer available. I know this sounds weird, but to cheer you up, are u free this Sunday? Have been wanting to meet you up for quite a while.. =)

  7. πŸ˜› takdalah…. run to his hostel and wake him up to fix it for me. if he doesnt know then i will bash him. muahahah!!! aiyo rina, what are u thinking huh???

  8. so it’s a flaw in wordpress vulnerabilities? which version. what’s the cause of the hack … thats why i never upgrade to v2.1+, still at v2.0 as i know v2.1 & above very da problematic one

    pretty scary such hacks la

    lucky for backups … still the work process to get it back to normal mode again, haiz. i feel for ya, i know

    P.S eh wats tis going to my hostel … u think its a hotel ah

  9. Vania

    Really? You’re a wordpress user? Is it the .com or the .org one?

    About the missing posts, oh well, I’ve come to terms about it already. No use berating over it anymore, I think. Wow, you want to meet me? Sorry I didnt reply sooner as I’ve been occupied helping a friend last weekend. But I’ll have to take a rain cheque on that πŸ™‚


    What am I thinking? Just PG stuff … πŸ˜›


    You know, version 2.2 is soon to be released. But I’m not going to upgrade that soon. Who knows what will happen.

    p.s Dont look at me *points to yanni* she started it πŸ˜›

  10. Hehe, yup, Im a fellow wordpress user. Im using the .com one. Btw, any idea how to add music into one’s blog? Coz’ Im a newbie to this. =p

    Hehe, yup, wanted to meet ya, but it’s ok, theres always another time. =)

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