A night out with old friends

My friend Pam came down to Singapore for a visit.

Orientation Days. Try to find me! :)

We first met during our orientation days and immediately clicked together as she was an extremely friendly, jovial and sweet person. Even though we ended up in different classes, we still hang out together during breaks to discuss about school work or just have a chat together.

And thats how I got to know some of her classmates, like Wong Li, Yong Ping, and Christina. I think Pam was the glue that stuck us together – if she wasnt there, I wouldnt get to know these lovely people. I was amazed to find out that although Pam was from a well to do family, she was never ever stuck up.

The class of 96F

There was a time when I had high fever in school and needed to rest in the sick bay. Pam came over during the break times and asked me how I was and even went to the extent of getting me a drink even though she didnt have to. I knew immediately then that this was a friend to be treasured.

We had loads of fun during our gatherings and events.

Eventually we left for our own different paths.

Till last night, we decided to meet up at Settler’s Cafe Sometimes its hard to believe that we’ve known each other for more than 10 years now. It seems not too long ago, we were experiencing our orientation days, hanging out together, and our lecture together.

I remember the days of gossiping about teachers, of people, and about relationships.

I was tickled to realise that we still talked about the same things, especially about relationships. We spent the entire night till the wee hours of the morning updating each other about our love lives. Poor Yong Ping got bashed by us 4 ladies whom analysed and criticized gave constructive critisism about his approach to wooing women.

Christina, believes that people feel most loved in a relationship in one or more of these 5 ways: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. I’m pleasantly surprised to know that she will be getting married soon and quite surprised to know that she’s also a baker! I’m sure she didnt plan to be one whilst back in school 🙂

Wong Li became a radiologist and tells us how stressful her work can be as well as creepy past experiences with men. We all go through life and experience, live and learn through it all.

Pam became a plastic surgeon after some years in medical school and she was describing about her experiences at work.

There was once this man who brought his mistress to the hospital. Give her bigger boobs. At first glance, I thought she looked perfect, hour glass figure. But when all the clothes came off, it was all saggy!

All our conversation was revolving about relationships and sleaziness that it felt like I was on a set of Sex and the city.

Christina, Yong Ping, Pam, Wong Li

But we had loads of fun. And it was a really lovely evening out. I do feel quite blessed and honoured to have known these wonderful people.

Life is short, lets enjoy it the best we humanly can :]

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  1. heh it’s nice to catch up with old friends yea? makes me wanna call up my old besties also 🙂

    ooh, i was just talking abt gg to settler’s cafe with some friends! how’s the place? i heard that the food is halal, just that they serve alco. is that true? which branch did u go to anyway? XD

  2. We chose the package with the free flow drinks and 2 hours worth of games. (In the end we didnt even play cause we spent the entire evening just chatting! LOL!)

    But settlers cafe isnt halal though, I did see vegetarian food there, and I did see alco in the menu too. So I guess its up to a person to want to consume it or not

    We went to the central branch, next to hong lim park. It was very happening, with loads of happy, joyful people 🙂

  3. heh, i just went this evening. yeps, the food wasn’t halal, so i ended up grabbing a quick bite at BK nearby before joining my frens for games. it’s strange tho, that on their website they state that the food was from halal sources, and explained their lack of certification to the alco on their menu. yet the fellas there told me that the food was definitely NOT halal. they need to update their webbie, haha…

    i went to the holland v outlet. as u said, it was great! everyone was making a lot of noise, playing games. 🙂 and we played really stupid games. imagine, a grp of adults playing jenga and charades, hahaha… XD

  4. Oh you went to the Holland V outlet. The website says that there is alco in Holland V though, where did they state that there is halal food? (tries to find) but they still need to revamp their website anyways 😛

    Jenga and charades? Sounds like a lot of fun! I saw other games being played there, would love to find people to play with 🙂

    Hey Myztika, do are you in NUS? Because I read that this :

    Event Title: Weekly Boardgame Sessions
    Organizer: Boardgame Interest Group

    Description: Free boardgaming sessions right in NUS! Come and join us to have an evening of fun and laughter. You can sharpen your observance skills through games like Saboteur, your investing ability through games like Cashflow, or simply your reflexes through games like Jungle Speed. Mostly importantly, you get to relax and have fun with your friends with great boardgames and great food.

    Date/Time: Every Tuesday 5pm – 8pm
    Venue: Olive Cove, Engineering Blk E2 Cafe, http://www.nus.edu.sg/campusmap/
    (just click on the “Dining Hall/Food Kiosk” link and scroll down.)
    Price: Free
    Contact: Please email us if you have any enquires. boardgameinterestgroup@gmail.com

  5. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

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