Marina, the musical

How did a simple visit turn into such a big musical?

Just this morning, mum came into my room and said to me, her face very serious.

“He is coming this saturday, right? We’ll go to your grandmother’s house today”

“Oh. Ok. How come?”

“Your grandmother is very sensitive, just invite her over to our house this weekend, so that you can introduce him to her. She might say yes, or she might decline, but ask anyway. Its out of respect and at least she will know what is going on with the family”

I’d be lying if I said I wasnt nervous because I do feel jittery. I’ve never brought a boyfriend home before and I have absolutely no idea how my family will react when they meet cartcart for the first time.

Maybe the whole scene will be like it came out of a mafia story – My dad sharpening his kris and look menancing. My grandma will play the matriach and stomp her cane on the floor With her eyes squinting, she’ll hiss out, “I will crrrruuuuush you like a cockroach”. Mum will be the inquisitor. I’m sure she has her lie detector somewhere.

Oh my tummy feels like a washing machine.

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  1. Thank you clair 🙂 *hugs* And I’ll keep my eyes crossed too 😉 Hehe

    Youngorgeous, penyapu? Fullamak … terrer sey! Takut …

    Thanks for your prayers thumbelina 🙂 I do hope for that too 🙂

    raimie, I’ll try … hehehe

    Myztika, thanks! And I do hope so too 🙂

    Red, that was masters of the sea from donkey years ago … hahaha that was an unforgettable line 😀

    Mee Rebus? If you dont mind, maybe we could have dinner together, with you and juli and me and him and a couple of friends

  2. Happy belated anniversary wishes from me and Elias, and here’s wishing you and Cart2 many many more years to come.

    I remember those ‘meet-the-family’ jitters – had similar thoughts as you did but thank goodness, everything went smoothly .. much too smoothly, i think 🙂 but anyways, family has a way of surprising you sometimes.

    Wish you all the best!

  3. Aww thanks for the well wishes cuclainne and Elias 🙂 That is extremely sweet of you two!

    Only a couple of days to go, wow, I really do wonder how it will turn out.

    I’m glad that it turned out wonderfully for you, cuclainne 🙂

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