How getting my helmet stolen makes me love auctions

My helmet got stolen recently. It made me extremely upset when I came down to see it missing.

I was at my friend, Narima’s place after a friend’s wedding. We spent the time talking, laughing and watching tv together. I noticed that it was getting a little too late, so I said my goodbyes and went off to the parking lot.

When I rode off, I realised that there was something missing. I wasn’t wearing my helmet. Where was it? I left it on the seat, now its gone! I freaked out.

Granted that it wasn’t very expensive. But the idea that someone would be so heartless enough to steal it was extremely upsetting to me.

A quick phone call to Narima soothed me a little.

But there wasn’t anything that I could do. A police report? My helmet was generic and did not have any special markings on it. Nothing much could be done anyways but to be more careful in the future.

Though I had a spare one, I still needed a helmet for my pillion, so I decided to go to Yahoo Auctions to scour for affordable helmets online. It has been a while since I last done any online auctioning. I remember that I had a blast of a time rummaging around for hidden treasures, then buying nice things and selling off of items.

After a few minutes of browsing, I found a relatively good and affordable one and bidded on it. After much anticipation, the rush of winning was there again. I saw the name of the top bidder – I won the bid!

The dealer suggested to do a meet up at the Caltex Petrol kiosk along Bukit Batok for the transaction. So we agreed to meet after my night class.

I usually filled up my scooter at the SPC Petrol Kiosk so I saw for the first time how it was at Caltex. It was impressively larger. In the cool night air, the place shone like a drive in movie theater. I saw men with suds, washing cars by hand and I went in the mart. There was a place where I could sit down, and have a cuppa. And I waited.

I didn’t have to wait too long, the dealer came soon-after. The transaction was done pretty speedily. I checked the condition of the helmet and handed him the money and we left.

Pretty easy.

I remember the things I used to get from Yahoo Auctions, things like the unused Fancl Facial Set, the Levi jeans, computer books which I used while studying computer science back then. All these would be more expensive if I bought it first hand.

Using that as a justifiable move, I could buy more items like a polarizer filter for my camera. It would be nice to take a nice, crisp blue sky instead of the grey shots that I keep getting. I wonder if I could get a suitable prime lens too.

And on that note, I could sell away some items too. Like the Estee Lauder perfume that I bought on impulse while attending their makeover session. I keep wondering why I bought it … I don’t even use perfume!

Anyone wants this?

Too bad I cant buy a new throat on Yahoo Auction

*cough cough cough*

A new throat would be nice.

9 Replies to “How getting my helmet stolen makes me love auctions”

  1. aiyoh… dunno why there has to be such meanies. but luckily he/she didn’t scoot off with your bike as well. *touch wood*

    hmm, i have a lot of things i’d like to auction off as well. tho i’m pretty sure no one else wld want them, hehehe.

    btw babe, take care of that throat yea? whenever i get a sore throat, i wld down a potent concoction of warm water and squeezed asam. And the more masam it is, the better it works. 😉


  2. it takes a woman to hurt another i’m having a bad throat too.thank you for passing the germs to me.kidding.I try ask my mum to get lozenges or something from her clinic eh. =)

  3. Myztika : What would you be selling off? I’m curious to know 🙂 I’m upset really, I mean, who and why on earth would this person steal my helmet?

    Air Asam … Doesnt sound appetizing to me! I’m very nervous to drink that kind of water since I’ve seen how mushy and scary the seeds are …

    Sha : I use vicks vapourdrops! 😀 Super mentholated feeling … my throat feels high! (For 10 minutes or so then it wears off 😛 )

    Nana : Maybe the maths class people get my coughing virus … : Oh dear … Everyone will sound like a rock star soon!

  4. stuff like books. i have lots of life science books from my sch days! :p and maybe my camera. and my bed! i want a smaller bed! hahaha.

    btw, the asam thing really works. give it a try, it doesn’t taste too bad really. but then again, i can be pretty masochistic, so… maybe u can put in some honey to sweeten it? 😀


  5. I find it amazing that you could leave the helmet in an open place and expect it to still be there later. Wonderful and amazing – but sorry it was stolen. It must not be a legal requirement for you to wear one in Singapore… here in the UK one wouldn’t dream of starting up a bike without one.

  6. Myztika : Just the thought of drinking raw assam water makes me cringe! The smell alone makes me want to run away! To drink it?!


    Doris : The fact that other people left their helmets there overnight with nothing happening made me into this false sense of security that my helmet would be fine too.

    How wrong I was! Well, lesson learnt.

    Its a requirement to wear a heltmet in Singapore. I’d be fined heavily for riding without one. Luckily I had another helmet in the scooter box :]

  7. I hate pencuri. I hate it even more when the stuff they curi is obviously not expensive. It shows that they really like this curi business. Granted that they probably need the money for something else but find other way to get money rather than simply take ppl’s thing. They take for granted that as if we have that extra money to buy more. This type of ppl need to taste their own med, one day their stuff kena curi only then they would know.

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