Celebrating National Day at Shuqun Secondary School

Today we celebrate Singapore’s 41st year of independence, and I breathe a moment of respite from a day off work.

I had a rather nice day yesterday. The school where I was attached to had a celebration. It started off with a marching parade. With the colour party holding on to the flag and ready for the march in.

The colour party

Guards of honour

Marching in parade

As the band plays along

After the parade, the students were given cards which were directions to go to their respective stations. Some went to the ‘learning stations’ where the activities reflected about Singapore and her people.

Like this Henna decoration which is commonly done by the Malays and the Indians. Isn’t this gorgeous? Just look at her intricate design.

This is supposed to be Rangoli, a traditional Indian art made of coloured rice that decorates the entrance of the house.

And this is a stick game where you’re supposed to move a stick one by one without moving the other sticks. I used to play this alot as a kid ๐Ÿ™‚

I suppose this is another version of 5 stones? A really old school game that I haven’t seen anyone play for ages.

Down below in the canteen, a whole hubhub of activities. Bazaar games by the students and well loved pasar malam (night market) wares.

These girls are selling adorable clips and paraphernalia. I couldn’t help but to buy some. Isn’t it cute? ๐Ÿ™‚

These girls are buying custom made keyrings.

And these girls are selling Nasi Lemak. Coconut Rice! Mmm! A delight, morning, afternoon or night time!

The cotton candy almost gave me grief. I didn’t realise how sticky and how easily it melts … It almost ruined my precious camera. It made my flash stuck and wouldnt open when I pressed the button and when I saw an error message on the display, it almost gave me a heart attack.

But cotton candy are such a staple in my childhood. I’d have one every time there was a carnival or a night market going on, with pink clouds in my hands.

This lady is from the Parent Support Group and she was selling this drink called the ‘Red Ruby’. Oh my … it was heaven I tell you. It’s made of crunchy coconut, jellies of different colour, sago seeds and fresh coconut cream and it tasted like creamy nectar of the Gods.

I loved it so much that I didn’t realise till late that someone took a picture of me drinking it.

Wht r u doing?!?!

Lovely day. I loved the whole atmosphere. One could really feel the radiation of happiness and excitement exuded by others. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what will you be doing on national day?

6 Replies to “Celebrating National Day at Shuqun Secondary School”

  1. I went on a foodhunt in Geylang with my church friends! And after that we retreated to a friend’s place in Kallang to play…MAHJONG!!! Haha, watched the parade and the fireworks from her house.

    *eyes dazzled by beautiful fireworks display*

    Then we watched Singapore Idol (GO JONATHAN LEONG! BOO TO JOAKIM!) and…went back home.

    Hehe that was how i spent NDP! =)

  2. Hey JC ๐Ÿ™‚ How lovely! What kind of celebration do you do in India? Do you have carnivals or hang flags …?

    Lakeside girl : Aww thats wonderful! Hanging with friends is just one of the best way to pass time ๐Ÿ™‚ and its meaningful. Joakim? Jonathan? Dang, who are these people? I dont watch tv much ….

  3. I just slept for National Day. xD

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