Cycling is fun :)

Reformatting the computer isnt as painful as I anticipated. Not when the important data has been backed up, everything is a breeze. No drama, no screams and no tears. Not what I expected.

How uneventful.

Anyway, a happy Chinese new year to all whom celebrates it! The school where I worked at had a lovely Chinese New year celebration which started with a visit from some children from Korea. The kids were so adorable! I could just eat them up! I love their colourful costumes and how precious they were.

And there was this little boy that I had to refrain myself from kidnapping. Oh gosh, when he smiles, it just melts my heart. He looked *just* like a kid version of the Korean actor, Bae Yong Jun. (Not that I watch Korean shows, he just reminded me of him, is all)

Can I keep him?

Spent the day yesterday cycling on a whim, with my brother. Its been a while since I cycled. I’ve always enjoyed a nice relaxing cycle. Since it was chinese new year’s eve, not much shop was opened. The place was like a ghost town. There were not many people around exept for us and the few occasional pedestrians.

We cycled all the way to IMM, a hypermarket that I liked to visit. And parked our bicycles at the corner. We entered the building. Again, it was so deserted. There wasnt much shops opened (but there were still a number of people around who were probably trying to do some last minute shopping)

I joked to my brother that this would be perfect for a science fiction show.

Me : Maybe there was a big biological warfare going on.

H : Then we should be dead too.

Me : No! No! We have this immune system that made us impervious to the chemicals

H : Riiiiiggggghhhhhhhhtttt …. *rolls eyes*

But we had a lovely time talking and exploring around. Just bonding. Something I miss because since I was working, I didnt have that much chance to spend with my family. I’d like to do that more.

We went to explore Daiso, a shop that sold each item for $2. I got me a toy for Diana (whom I think would be bummed out by now, she’s been sick, you see) and these adorable frogs.

Anyways, Jurong is such a lovely area to cycle. Beautiful scenery, lovely breeze. Perfect for cycling. I think I’ll go cycle again this afternoon 🙂