The Eye 10 – A movie about the 10 ways to see ghosts

Couple of days ago, one of my student was surfing a horror website. The title of the movie was called the eye 10 and it was about the 10 different ways that one could do to have the ability to see ghosts.

It was corny, but it was sort of interesting to see the different ways. One of them having to dig the soil where a body was burried, use the soil and spread it on the eye. Another is to hit the rice bowl with a pair of chopsticks to entice the hungry ghosts. Chinese Ghosts, are usually hungry, as there are no food in the netherworld. That is why offerings are burnt. These in turn will be food or comforts for them.

I’ve seen of how a complete offering of a HUGE paper bungalow, complete with garden and swimming pool and a BMW car being burnt, I’m sure the ghost would be very pleased indeed. But it was said that the easiest way to see a ghost is to stand up and peek in between their legs.

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Coming back to the website, the students looked genuinely spooked. They looked so cute with their fearful expressions and the way that they jumped when someone deliberately tried to shock them with a sudden jerk.

But come on! The only thing scary about the website was that the fact that it was only in Chinese wih no translation. Actually I find when a movie uses only the elements of silly jump tactics, isn’t really scary at all but annoying.

I think *this* movie is more scary

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And I find it strange that kids loving sfogs too. I mean, its so obvious that they used photo-shopped pictures. And a badly ‘chopped picture at that – Anyone could make these “ghost pictures”

With this case in point, let me use this picture as an example:

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What is she so scared of?

Its the terrifying Kissing Ghost who is looking for her next victim!

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Rumour has it that a young girl, was killed by the kiss of a man with chilli breath. She searches for revenge by looking for other victims in the hopes that she will transfer the chilli breath to them!

Oh no!

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Lets make this into a movie …

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But this will NEVER be in your theatres …  Nevertheless I think it’ll be scarier than the Ring 10 anyway …

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  1. What is really scarey about this horror show, is that it is in real life. Wonder who was behind the lip pic? The author of this blog?

  2. paws : As author of this blog, I have the right not to say who’s lips those belongs to 😛 You know, you just gave me the inspiration to do another scary pic

    ck : you owe me something! I dont know what it is yet, but you owe me something!!!

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