Summer has left

It isn’t officially Autumn yet. But you know that summer is starting to leave us – the temperature is starting to get cooler and it’s been raining non stop these past few days. Toons Raining

This week itself has also been rather eventful for me. I depend on my scooter a lot when I commute around Rome so when it rains, chaos ensues. I tend to be a little apprehensive because of the incidents that tend to happen then.

On Monday, I was on my way home when it started to drizzle heavily. I went to seek shelter under a bridge. There were already at least 5 other motorcyclists there. We waited here waited for at least half an hour and when the rain dissipated ever so lightly, tired of staring at the water dripping down the walls, I plucked the courage and finally went home.

On Thursday, there was a talk that I really wanted to attend. It was about food photography which is something that I’m enthusiastic about as you’d probably see from my Instagram account.  It’ll be nice to meet other foodies too. Unfortunately the clouds were dark grey the entire morning  and then it rained very heavily so reluctantly, I had to give that a miss.

(I probably could have taken public transportation, but I had to rush off for a job in 30 minutes, so that wasn’t practical)

It broke my heart to think of what I missed. I’ve been looking forward to attend that the whole week.

And just yesterday, I was at the fuel station filling up my scooter but when I tried to leave, the scooter refused to start. Apparently, the battery is exhausted and needs to be replaced. Yikes. I think my scooter is still relatively new, so I’m surprised. Fortunately where I was stranded, was not far away from where I live and Cart was able to help me out.  Unfortunately the mechanic is really far away from where we live and Cart isn’t a morning person to help me in time.

Oh well. Things happen. I just hope for the best.