Should I take up crossfit?

During the weekend, the gym near our house was having an open day and I decided to take up cross-fit. It was definitely an experience to remember. Oh my.

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  1. The equipment you used are called Batlling ropes, Bulgarian bag, and Ab Wheel! 🙂 The movement you did with the pvc pipe is called a deadlift. I believe you can do it easily in future with at least 40kg (20kg bar + 10kg per side) as long as you learn how to do the lift properly. I’ve never done Crossfit but good luck! 😛 We sometimes do some of the exercises you did, but they’re not our main workout since we train in powerlifting.

    If you want to go to do CrossFit, try to go to a reputable CrossFit affiliate (official gym). The one you went to doesn’t seem like it’s an actual CrossFit box? Cos I’ve never seen CrossFit gyms like that! Hmmm. You can check the name here: Or make sure your Coach is properly certified in CrossFit and has certifications in that. My main concern is because CrossFit includes barbell exercises (snatch, clean and jerk, barbell squats, deadlifts and shoulder press) and these can be ‘dangerous’ if you do them with bad or improper form. It’s not a see-and-do exercise unlike sumo kettlebell squats, or Bulg bag lunges, or box jumps. There’s lots of technique involved in those.

    Anyway! All the best, let me know if you decide to take up CrossFit.

    1. Ah! I’ve learnt something new then! I think the ab wheel is the hardest for me among all the other stations as it took a whole week for my left arm to recover 😐 But I guess it was more because I did a wrong move instead of going straight down (which I couldn’t) To answer your question, I guess the gym near our house isn’t an affiliate, but the instructor is a champion competitor in the local scene here. Now that I’m up and about, I’d like to give it a month and see how it is. Maybe. XD

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