My new running shoes!

I’ve been using my New Balance shoes so much that they were in very bad shape. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

I was forced to wear my old runnies which was a bad mistake. It was the most uncomfortable run – it felt clunky and heavy. And during my weekend long run, I had a bad blister and one of my nails turned black. This has never happened to me even when I was doing my marathon last year.

So Cart and I went to the nearest New Balance shop to get a replacement pair. Unfortunately for us, there were no Minimus shoes for sale. We were informed that the range is not sold in Italy any more. I wasn’t surprised though, as minimalist shoes aren’t popular here. They are still being sold in North America though.

The closest thing to a minimalist shoes that I remember are still being sold in Italy are Newtons. We went to a shop nearest to us and after a long deliberation, here are my new Newton Fate shoes! Newtons Running Shoes Pop

One try and I like how light they feel. The toe-box is roomy which is important to me so that I can move my toes and not feel cramped. The middle of the toes are raised up, which is the unique point for Newtons. They can feel strange at first wear. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

While I’m a size 37, I had to get these one size up as they are more comfortable for me. They cost 120 euro. Which I guess is cheaper than the distance elite which was what I was looking for, but not sold here. Can’t be too choosy I guess. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

These pair has a 4.5 heel cushion which is just slightly higher than my Minimus. But I’m pretty sure that wearing these will be much more comfortable than my old runnies. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

Anyway, I haven’t given them a real test run as I’ve been horribly sick this week. Training this time round has been quite tough on me. and I really don’t know if I will be in a good form for my run in late December. Kind of scared.