I’d love to live in a Tiny House

Tiny houses is a movement which advocates simple living, in small homes. These homes are usually about the size of a caravan. Most of the ones that I’ve seen are on wheels so that one could travel with them although it’s not always the case.

rinaz.net Tiny House

I absolutely adore the idea of Tiny Houses.

I love the philosophy of it because having a small home forces you to think of the things which are important in your life. Do you really need that extra pan when you already have 5? A new bag when the other ones you didn’t touch for over a year?

rinaz.net Tiny House

I don’t know about you, while having a lot of things is nice, trying to find the space to store these things makes me stressed and seeing a lot of clutter makes me anxious and makes me embarrassed at how much I’ve let go. I really don’t want to be like one of those people on the TV show, Hoarders.

Ideally you survive with the basics and get creative with where to store your items. The staircase could double up as a drawer, or you could put the power battery under the sofa.

rinaz.net Tiny House

More over, I’m happy with just a place with wifi and a bit of space where I can roll out my exercise mat.

If I had the chance to live in one, I really wouldn’t mind. The biggest advantage that I see about it is that it’s much cheaper to upkeep. A smaller house means that it uses lesser electricity and water – which saves you on utility bills.

rinaz.net Tiny House

It’s not something for everyone though, as some may think that they need the space for comfort. Cart is adamant that you can’t invite people over for dinner as there will be no place for them to sit comfortably.

rinaz.net Tiny House

While I really would like to have my own tiny house, I don’t think that it’s feasible for me and a lot of people living out of the United States any time soon, unless we have our own land (which I don’t see happening) and due to housing standards and construction laws.

One can still admire and dream.

Here is a video of a tiny house made by a single mother :

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      1. Less surface n space to clean..every time before we buy something, i think of how easy it would be to clean the object..if it seems complicated, i would give it a second thought.

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