Trying out Spotify Running

Spotify came out with the Running segment recently.

While Spotify has always had a workout playlist segment, what’s interesting about this segment is that it could detect your pace and changes the songs accordingly.

This feature is also available for free subscribers (although the playlist is limited and you can’t skip songs), so I gave it a try last week.

Songs can be very motivational to a runner and the right type of songs can even help a runner to carry on and even move faster. Spotify Running

I tried “Blissed out” and the  songs were quite organic in the sense that they were essentially the same songs, but the higher (or lower) the bpm are, the faster or slower the songs go.

All in alI, I found the experience interesting. While listening to the songs, some felt uplifting and some were epic which made my run a pleasure. But as much as I enjoyed them, I though they were limited and definitely not enough to carry me through a 5 km run.

I signed up for the Singapore city Run recently, and last weekend, I’ve completed my first week of training . While it went fine so far, I haven’t been running for a while and I’m feeling apprehensive this time round. I keep wondering if I could actually do this.

Even though I’ve completed a marathon last year, I don’t feel the same bravado I did in the beginning and I’m so scared of injuring myself. Urgh! What am I doing? rinaz cry

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    1. I hope it’s in the morning! I wouldn’t want to run at noon in Singapore! It’s too hot! You’d have to sign up to see the distances you could participate in. There are the :

      Mini 8 km, Short 15 km, Mid 25 km, and the long 40 km. I really want to do the 40 km one, I’m just not sure if I can actually do it though, because I’ve been feeling not very strong …

      1. I know how you feel. Between work and studying I haven’t had time to exercise for about a year and a half. I’m really starting to crave a good run but I wonder if I could even get a mile. Haha!

        Anyway, good luck! I hope you start feeling it and reach that goal!

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