Natural Makeup Look with Kiko

I’ve always liked the natural make-up look, and I just couldn’t resist.

Natural make up might sound like a misnomer, but I like how we are able to look a better version of ourselves without having to look too artificial and overly made up.

After watching the video above, I was pining over getting a few more drawing toys for myself and so I went to kiko. I initially planned to get only a lipstick and an eye-shadow palette but in the end I got these : Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

If you’ve never heard of Kiko Cosmetics before, they’re considered the Italian version of Mac Cosmetics but at a high street price.  Last Monday, I spent about 37 euro in total, which was more than my initial budget, but oh well. I’m definitely going to use them regularly. Kiko Rebel Romantic Eye-shadow Palette Fiery Rose

The first thing that I got is the Rebel Romantic Eye-shadow Palette in Fiery Rose (12.90 euro).

It’s a matte eye-shadow with a slightly pink hue which is great for a neutral eye look, but with the bottom shades, has an option for a smoky look if you wanted to.

I don’t find them extremely pigmented as my infinity eye-shadows but they can be applied wet which gives it a deeper colour, which I haven’t tried yet. Kiko Rebel Romantic Contouring Pencil Set

These are the Rebel Romantic Contouring Pencil Set. (9.90 euro) It’s been said that pencils are good for those who are just starting out on contouring which gives you more defined features and a glowing look.

I’m not entirely convinced about these, and might give them away in time, but I’m giving them a try for now. I apply them more or less like in this video here. Kiko Soft Touch Blush 111

This Soft Touch Blush in Rosa Antico Scuro 111 (7.50 euro), I absolutely adore! It reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm in the sense that there is a hint of shimmer, only a darker shade of peach. Which is great for duskier skin like mine as it gives me a natural looking flush . It wasn’t in my list, but I just couldn’t help but to put it in my basket in the end.

For an actual dupe for the Nars Orgasm, Pesca Dorato 103 seems a very close match to me. Kiko Velvet Mat Lipstick 612

Oh how much I love this lipstick! I’m not too fond of shiny lipsticks so the Velvet Mat Lipstick in Rosa Fragola 612 (6.90 euro) is just lovely.

As I wanted a Nude lip, I was torn between this and Rosa Naturale 602. In then I chose the one that the clerk recommended on me and hoped for the best.

I put it on as soon as I bought it. Ahaha! It’s a bit more pink that I would have liked but it looks so soft and pretty! It’s definitely my new favourite lipstick 🙂 Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

I got the Rebel Romantic Colour Definition Eyeliner (5.90 euro) as gift for spending more than 25 euro.

There were different colours to choose from, but in the end, I chose the shade in butter as it’s something that I didn’t have. I think that it’s a better colour for lining the under eye rather than stark white which makes it look so unnatural.

I love how creamy it goes on. Maybe I should have gotten it in black instead? Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

And here is how I look a few minutes after playing with my new colouring toys. I love this look so much! I feel so pretty. 😀

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