Rainy season is here again!

A typical occurrence in Autumn, it has been raining a lot in Rome these past two weeks. I haven’t even been going out much due to the bad weather.

rinaz.net flood

Last week, the weather was considered so bad and risked to pose a danger that all public schools were closed. You’ll see the gates shut with an official letter like the one below. Even the mayor declared it to be a “code red”.


When we woke up in the morning, the sky was so dark that looked as if it was night time – 8 pm instead of 8 am.


It rained a lot, but in the end, it wasn’t that bad in my opinion, considering the tropical rains I’ve experienced before. And there was no flooding in my neighbourhood like how it was some years back, although there are some parts in Rome which looked quite awful.


With the Piramide in the background, this does look like the Nile river, doesn’t it? Yikes!