What Italians do during labour day

On the first of May in Rome, there will be two things that the locals here typically do :

1. Eat Fava beans with Pecorino cheese

If you are in Italy somewhere in the middle of April till early May, you’ll see Fava pods being sold in abundance in the markets.

rinaz.net Fava beans being sold in Rome

Somewhere along the time, it has started to be a tradition to eat Fava beans on labour day in Rome. To eat it, you’ll have to tear the pod open and squeeze the beans out.

rinaz.net Fava beans with pecorino cheese

It’s a slightly sweet tasting vegetable. It may take a while for some to get accustomed to as it has a grass like taste.  But it does taste much palatable when paired with the creamy and nutty pecorino cheese.

2. Watch the concert at Piazza San Giovanni.

On a regular day, Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano is not as crowded compared to its counterpart.

rinaz.net San Giovanni in Laterano

On labour day however, it would be very difficult to even walk here as each year this area will be used for a big concert. This year alone was reported to be a million spectators in attendance.

Cart and I didn’t attend the concert and instead watched it at the comfort of our sofa on TV. There were a lot of interesting acts like KuTso which we found enjoyable.

There was even Piero Pelu’ who was one of the judges from The Voice of Italia. His performance along with Litfiba was electrifying and eclectic. In between songs he reminded spectators to not forget about those who were not fortunate enough to have jobs.

Among those, it is also typical for those in Rome to go for a picnic with friends if it’s a good day out. You’ll see parks full of life and bustling of activity then.