Week 12

As you remember, about week ago I was supposed to do 27 km for my long distance run for my marathon training. However, I couldn’t complete it due to the sudden pain in my left soleus.

So I went the doctor’s for a specialist consultation and an ecograph scan on my leg.

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I don’t enjoy spending a large amount of money, and am now 100 euro poorer, which is completely messing up my 52 week money challenge. It would probably be cheaper if I went to a public one, but for the fact that getting an appointment would take months. Nevertheless, it’s a peace of mind to be told that there wasn’t anything serious and that I can start again running soon.

And so, I haven’t been jogging at all for week 12. I’ve just been taking it easy instead, doing  short walks. Thankfully, my legs feel much better now and walking up and down the stairs for example, doesn’t seem to be a big chore any more.

To be honest though, I feel so envious whenever I pass by someone running, and at times I feel jittery as it does not feel right, to not do something that I’ve been in a habit doing for the past two months or so.

rinaz.net #rinazdoes42km

I think the experience in week 11 has taught me that cutting back once in a while, important for the body to heal and recover. And now with this knowledge, if somehow I could go back in time, I would tweak my timetable much differently.

In my defence though, the table that I obtained is from the same site where I trained for my Roma Ostia half marathon last year, and it seemed to fit me well so I thought that I would use the same site for the their full marathon suggestion.

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In the end, each athlete is different. What might work for them, might not work for another. Nevertheless. I’m going to take this as a positive learning experience. After all, it’s my first marathon and I’ve a lot to learn, so I really don’t mind any critiques or suggestions and advice. 🙂

I guess at this point of time, I’d have to change my plan of action. While all the while my philosophy in doing races is to not be the last, I don’t think there should be any shame in to just want to complete the marathon.

According to the rule though, it is mandatory to do it in 7 hours. If I use the run and walk technique, that should be doable right? After all this guy did a marathon with hardly any training at all.

Hmm. #rinazdoes42km?



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    1. Thanks bro! I’m not pregnant, although the machine that scanned me worked the same was as how you do pregnancy ultrasound – spread jelly on the area, and using soundwaves to check on the vein and muscles.

  1. When I was in the Army, I used to walk 12 miles in full uniform with combat boots, etc., and an 18 kg pack in about 3.5 hours. I think doing a walk run with no weight would get you there with no problem in under 7 hours.

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, rinaz.

    1. Thank you for telling me about your army experience. That’s a lot of weight to carry over such a long distance. Very impressive. Gosh, I can’t even carry too much groceries home!

      1. I probably couldn’t do that now. I got too out of shape while studying. But, it’s fun sometimes to think about the things I used to be able to do. One day, I’ll get back to that level. I hope.

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