Hypnotised by peppa pig

Peppa Pig is a cartoon series that runs for about 5 minutes each episode, starring a pig called Peppa, her little brother George and their mum and dad. In Italy you could watch it on Sky Disney Channel Junior or Rai Yoyo. Although it originated from UK, it’s very popular in Italy – where ever you go, you can’t escape them – you could find them in supermarkets, toy shops, bookshops – EVERYWHERE!

I didn’t get the hype until I finally caught a couple of episodes … and now I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m quite hypnotised by Peppa Pig. Let me explain to to you why :

1. The catchy opening music

The “Doot! Doot doot doot doot!” is extremely catchy and repeated so much that I could memorize by heart “Io sono Peppa Pig (oink) e questo e’ mio fratellino George (oink) Lei e’ Mamma Pig  (oink) e lui e’ Papa’ Pig (OINK!)

Peppa Pig

(Kind of reminds of me when I was younger and my siblings would drag me to watch The Teletubbies and I can recognize all the freaking characters)

I have to say though, that the repetitive music is quite hypnotic. It’s understandable how easily people could get brainwashed by something.

2. Charming artwork

Although to some, the drawings look simplistic, I love how clean the artwork looks like and especially the choice of colours used in the animation. They are so cheery and bright. I love looking at them.

Peppa Pig

Although I have to mention about how the characters are drawn. You notice that all their faces are drawn sideways but their eyes are always two.

Perhaps I might be a little perverse, but the lead characters, especially Daddy Pig’s head look like uh … man bits. I have a theory about that making them more memorable and leaving a psychological imprint.

3. It’s relaxing

I like hearing the voice of the narrator, and of the characters talking and when they giggle. I even find it amusing when George cries (and he cries often). I find it really tranquil and relaxing and I forget to be angry :p

Peppa Pig

4. Hearing Italian grammar and vocabulary

Impressively for a kid’s show, there are a number of words that I’ve never heard before like – scorciatoia (shortcut) and pozzanghera (puddle) and I am amazed at the level of grammar that they include like congiuntivo which can be challenging to learn even for Native Italians.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig does have her own controversies, such as it reportedly making it children behave worse or it being a bad influence. Personally, I think that all kids are naturally kids and how they behave is largely due to their environment.

Nevertheless, watching Peppa Pig, makes me wish sometimes that I could have the same level of popularity with my own toons. I enjoy drawing and I’d like to start with merchandising at least but the trouble is, I just have no idea where to start!

Peppa Pig

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