What to do with a 100 litre Nutella Jar?

Hi everyone! Do you remember this picture taken last year?

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

It’s currently my profile picture on facebook and so far, a lot of people has liked it. Coincidentally it was featured under buzzfeed.

The picture was taken in a supermarket near our house called ipercoop. I blogged about this place some while back about free trade chocolates,  and our mutual friend Francesco, who works there liked it so much that he decided to give me the very same Nutella jar as a present. It’s sitting comfortably at home right now.

I’ve no idea what to do with it. My in laws think that the top could be unscrewed and I can store things inside, but it’s completely glued on. And sorry to those who think that it’s real,  but the jar is completely made of plastic. And empty. If it were a real Nutella jar, I doubt I could have even lifted a glass jar filled with probably 100 litres of Hazelnut spread.

Nevertheless, what I can do with the jar at the moment, is that it’s totally a great prop for photo ops. Like this :

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

and this :

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

and this :

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

and this!

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

That cake on the table is a homemade Sachertorte by the way. Cartcart made it and it’s so delicious.

By this time, you’ll probably be thinking, what on earth do all these pictures have got to do with Nutella, but hey it’s my personal blog. I’ll do what I like :p

Currently here in Italy there is this promotion where you could get your own Nutella jar with your name on it. I think it’s a good publicity since a lot of people like to have their own personalised one.

You don’t even need to buy a jar it seems. Just go to the nearest supermarket, find the display area and find your name. And then stick it to your jar later. Cart and I tried to find our names, but either :

rinaz.net with a giant nutella jar

  1. Our names are too popular that it’s snatched up in minutes
  2. Or our names are not popular enough to justify it being printed out

And it wasn’t just in Coop, practically every other supermarket that we went to, we weren’t able to find our names there.

Technically, you could try going online to sign up and have it delivered to your mailbox. But  it seems to be such a hassle, as fellow blogger Nerys has experienced and to me, it doesn’t really matter in the end. I’m not that crazy over Nutella (I mean, I like eating it, but I can still go on without it)

By the way, did you hear about World Nutella Day being ordered to cease and desist earlier this year? Something to do with the trademark use. It’s now de-instated though, which is a good thing as it doesn’t bode well for their publicity. This has always been something I don’t understand. Why are there some companies so afraid of people writing or taking pictures of something, when it can be positive free publicity for them?

Oh well.

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