What I wore yesterday

You know how during the holidays, people tend to dress up nicely? Well, it was Eid-al-adhar yesterday,  and this was how I dressed up  :


They each had a function. My baju kurong, which I like to wear during festive days like these. A windbreaker and a makeshift headgear tied to my neck to protect myself from the cold Autumn wind. My purple sling bag which is great for travelling on scooters. My purple canvas shoes, for easy slip on and off. Coloured socks (The first thing I grabbed from the drawer) and of course Sam the scooter! I have had enough of trying to search for parking in that area. It was such a breeze just parking Sam at a little corner by the road.

In any case, as hipster as I am, it still feels odd going out like that. I look horrible! Hahaha! I just had to thicken my skin. :p

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    1. It’s not so bad when taking two wheelers because you could just squeeze in and out in traffic and also parking isn’t such a big issue. I really enjoy riding in Rome 🙂

      Car on the other hand, can be extremely stressful especially during high traffic times. Also it’s not uncommon to have to drive around about half an hour just to search for parking. The only reason why I drive is when the weather gets bad or during the Winter when it’s too cold and I risk getting sick if I take the scooter.

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