Look what arrived today!


Toon rinaz is so excited at the thought of eating fresh food again, she’s crying tears of joy!

Personally I think the fridge is kinda big for being just the two of us. But Cartcart likes it, and he was very choosy about what he wanted. It’s an Ariston Hotpoint by the way, an Italian made one.

Prior to this, the past weekends, he dragged me to all the different electric shops in Rome and we spent hours and hours looking at the different models.

I just don’t understand why we had to go to so many stores to see essentially the same thing.  I don’t take that much time myself when I have to go shopping! And normally I’d do a mental check-list as follows :

  • Do I need this? (If yes, continue to next step)
  • Do I like this? (If yes, continue to next step)
  • Can I afford this? (If yes, continue to next step)
  • Go ahead and buy it!

But Cart needed to examine all the fridges carefully one by one. Even when we went to another shop with the exact same model, he’d look at it tenaciously and hounded the salesclerk with 1001 questions. It drove me crazy!

And when I commented about it, he’d reply, “But we should always aim for improvement in our lives and we deserve to have good things in the house”

Whatever you say, sayang!

In any case, the past week without a fridge didn’t go too bad in the end. In a way, it made us much more careful and creative with how we do our groceries. We had to be very mindful of what and how much food we bought.


(I got these fresh veggies from the market for 10 euro by the way)

I think the amount that we spent was noticeably less and most importantly, there was less wastage too as we had to be creative in trying to finish and cooking them as soon as possible.


I also managed to find an mini fridge that Jacelyn gave a while back (Thank you so much!) So we could manage to store some of the more perishable stuff like milk, butter and cheeses.


Technically, it  is big enough to fit about 4 canned drinks. So we had a lot of fun trying to play tetris with this fridge.

Kind of sad that our ritual is now coming to an end :p

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  1. Wah Marina, yr new fridge looks real cool!
    I’d prefer a big fridge too..so u can stock a bit more n make less trip to the supermarket.

    1. That’s true. The fridge seems too big anyway though, for being just the two of us. I’m just afraid that we’d go back to our old habits of buying too much and then wasting food. We managed to live with the mini fridge for a week even. Hahaha

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