This is married life #6

Featuring stickrinaz! As compy is still bonkers :p

6am. I wake up to do my daily morning walk. Cart is still soundly asleep.

I love seeing how peaceful and still it is in the neighbourhood.

Save for the few people roaming around, like commuters waiting sleepily for their transport.

Or the produce sellers. Ah! If only you could smell the intoxicating, sweet perfume of the peaches which are in season right now.

A group of dog walkers and their adorable mutts.

And of course, the morning joggers as they zoom past me.

I enjoy my long morning walks. It’s interesting to see life at the start of a new day.

After close to an hour, I come back home ….

And Cart is still asleep and continues to sleep for the next couple of hours!

Such is the life of a morning person married to a night owl :p

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2 Replies to “This is married life #6”

  1. I think he has experienced the same images, flavours, atmosphere you’ve met during your walk..but only on his dreams 🙂

    1. That’s not true! There are places in the 1km radius that he doesn’t even know till I told him!! Like the pizzeria which is within walking distance, or that there is a post box not too far away … Aiyooooooo

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