Fasting month is here again

It’s now the 3rd day of fasting for us in Rome.

Roman Skies

Initially, there was a bit of confusion as it was supposed to start on the 9th, accordingly to the Grande Moschea di Roma website. I was puzzled as to why we had to do an extra day compared to in Singapore, but Cart and I were getting mentally ready to start the Ramadan anyway.

If it weren’t for Kynne, who messaged me, I think we’d probably went ahead. So I double checked online. Interestingly, instead of updating that page, then on another article, it says on the 10th instead. Calling up my friend Bahija confirmed it. What a confusion. I think that because we are in the minority, there isn’t much there isn’t that much influence in the mass media. It would also help if the people here are more technologically savvy.

Anyway, impressively the couple of days passed by without much drama. Considering that the days here are much longer compared to a few years back. This time round, we have to wake up at about 3am and we break our fast at about 8.40pm. About 17 hours. Nevertheless, Cart and I do the things that we normally do on our day to day basis.

It has been manageable so far. Although, I really do feel bad for Kynne, who’s living in Stockholm. Fajr starts at 2am for her and Magrib will be at 10pm! I was stunned. 20 hour of no eating and no drinking. To be honest, I don’t think that’s healthy, and fasting shouldn’t be to the extent that we harm ourselves. I’m sure that the rules are flexible, but there are different schools of thought and it’s up to the person as what to do.

Now that I’m fasting, I’ve stopped my jogging to conserve energy, and instead do my daily morning walks so as not to lose muscle mass so that my body doesn’t go into a big shock when I do my 10K and 15K runs when in Singapore. So looking forward to them! ^_^ Nabbycat twittered a link on how to training for the marathon during the fasting month. But uh. Because of the different geographical situation that I am in, I don’t think it’s for me.

Anyway, as I have no idea what else to talk about, I’ll just end this post here abruptly :p

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