Does clutter bugs you as much as it bugs me?

The thing about being in a relationship is that one is supportive of their partner despite their quirks and eccentric ways.

For example, Cart loves to read. It’s a daily ritual for him to read in the morning before going to work, and then in bed before sleeping. I don’t mind it – after all, reading is a meaningful activity. It exercises and sharpens the mind.

The problem is, all of our bookshelves all bursting, completely filled with his comics and books. There is absolutely no more space to store them to the point that now you’d see piles of comics on his sidetable, in the bathroom, underneath the fishtank, on the sofa …

I’m the type of person who feels anxious out when things are not in their place or when there are too much clutter. If I wanted to clean the floor for example, and there are clutter on the floor, I feel bothered that when I try to move it and Cart would stop me, all earnestly, “There is a system. Do not touch! I’ll deal with it myself” and then he’d be busy with other things and then weeks pass by  and I’d feel twitchy, seeing the dust bunnies on the floor. I’m not a neat freak, but there is a point where I cannot stand the dirtiness longer.

I tried to negate the situation by gifting him a kindle, which he loves. But he still buys physical comics anyway, since there isn’t really anything to our knowledge that can replace the experience.


Another good point about Cart is that he loves to cook. He’s passionate about it and he is very meticulous and puts so much care and dedication when he prepares his meals. While we were preparing lunch one day, he mentioned something which sounded really meaningful to me :

“Cooking is like love. You take your time do your best to understand and with what you have experienced, try to improve the next time because you are in love with that you do”

He looked so solemn and serious and I wondered if he was talking about his past relationships and he answered, “What’s the difference?”

I was completely floored by how profound and deep the whole conversation was.

Anyway, every food lover loves his tools. And each time we go to the supermarket (or even the mercato), Cart would always stop by the kitchen utensil section and pour over the ceramic pots or the chef knives and whatnots.

This year alone, these was a promotion in the two supermarkets that we frequently go to – Ipercoop and Panorama. Both had a promotion where you collect stickers to get a promoted item for a discount. You get a sticker each time you spend 10 euro.

The promotion just happened to be baking tins, and ceramic pans, ceramic baking pots and professional kitchen knives. All the things that mesmerises Cartcart. You should have seen his pupils dilate and we’d go to the supermarket and spend much more compared to our usual weekly expenditures just so that we could get the stickers. Cart would justify himself, saying that we are going to consume them anyway.

You could also get certain cheaper items that is worth a sticker each. So taking advantage of this, our kitchen is full of muesli bars, yoghurt, pre-made tomato sauce, sweets. Nowadays we’d have to play tetris with the boxes and jars because it is completely stuffed. Unlike books, food expires, and it’s such a waste of money if we are unable to finish them in time.

Of course with the additional baking tins, and ceramic pans, ceramic baking pots and professional kitchen knives … Where on earth do we put them? Where can we store it away so it doesn’t hurt my eyes to see them?

I worry that in time, our house will looks like a hoarder’s house. I don’t want! Watching each episode makes me so sad!

rinaz cry

I love you Cartcart. But I wish you knew how anxious I feel when I see clutter around the house. I feel panicky and flustered. Ok, so it might sound so typical housewife-y I can’t be the only one who feels this way!

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  1. Sooo some day have passed by, are you in good position to finish all the extra-food you bought? By the way I think that stuff like tomato sauce and similars have at least a quite remote expiry date, isn’it? Concerning yoghurts, we can always finish them coz we are quite greedy about.

    1. That’s what I’m stressed out about. I mean it’s good to buy more stuff when it’s on sale, but nevertheless, it’s a pain trying to store them in a house where there is limited space. Moreoever the rush if the thing is expiring.

      Sometimes you don’t even feel like eating it.

  2. Fret not, I feel exactly the same way as you do. I’ve concluded that our clutter-bug husbands merely do what they do to give us something to do so we don’t get bored as housewives. I simply can’t stand it when I find things in the apartment where they don’t belong. It drives me so crazy!

    1. I’m glad you feel the same way! Indeed, it drives me crazy to see piles and piles of clutter in the house! I want to collect them and BURN THEM!

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