Summer is the time when burglary is on the rise

Our mutual friends got robbed earlier this week while they were away on vacation. I was stunned when I heard about it. More so when I heard how professional they were – they didn’t touch the kindle, the xbox, the PC, the tablet … and instead managed to carry off with the safe, which was filled with keepsakes.

I can’t imagine the distress that they were feeling. I felt really bad for them. And they weren’t themselves when we met them last Tuesday.

Coincidentally yesterday, police arrested a band of burglars comprising of 51(!) people. It was reported that they were trained to break in houses and they have been going all around Rome, breaking in houses, possibly for years.

You know, they could even be the same people who tried to burgle our house some years back. But that’s the issue during the summer and especially July-August where it gets insufferably hot making most Romans go on vacation. It’s mostly dead in the residential areas if you were to come here during these times making it ripe for the pickings for thieves and burglars.

Luckily, I was home while they were attempting to break in. But they were really good. They weren’t noisy, and didn’t made any unusual sounds, to the point that it sounded as if it was the cleaning lady doing her weekly mops. So imagine my surprise when I heard the door open and I saw two strangers at the door.

We’ve changed our locks to the deadbolt type since. But I’m a little bit nervous nevertheless, as Cart and I will be gone most of August. So we need to think about where to put our valuables. For sure I’ll be putting my savings in the bank. They can steal my computers – they are all broken anyway :p